Koichi Futatsumata (Case-Real) designed this rather compact tube amplifier for Japanese electronics kit manufacturer Elekit.

Whilst the discerning audiophile is likely to pursue the natural sound produced by a tube (or valve) amplifier, they can be bulky, monstrous looking things with all the elegance of Dr. Frankenstein’s toaster.

Futatsumata, however, has managed to squeeze the required high-end components into a neat package. Coupled with its simple interface, Elekit may very well have a product that can appeal to the iPod generation.


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  2. Dan Barr

    Can you provide information on where, online if possible, to purchase the Case-Real Tube Amp? Apologies if I have incorrectly directed the inquiry to you. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dan

  3. would like to know how they handle the heat emitted by the tubes .. regarding product liability etc..

  4. I’d love to buy this, sadly it seems it’s not for sale?



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