If you’re a fan of Dieter Rams, you’ll dig this Dieter Fan.

The Dieter Fan was designed by Nathan Yong, as an homage to the work of Dieter Rams.

Yong made this for Finnish design manufacturer Skanno, when he was still working with Air Design Group, a Singapore based industrial design consultancy firm.

Fans, which are common objects in Singapore, are mostly overly designed. Yong says:

I believe in stripping design language as much as possible, and make design easy to understood by each user.

I believe in that too.


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  1. Seeing this makes me wonder why other fans have to be so complex. However, the black cord causes a bit of disruption in the overall unity of the piece. A white cord, or possibly grey, cord could have been a better solution.

    Excellent though. Where can I buy mine? :)

  2. When I first saw this, I thought it was a radio and/or a speaker. It is very beautiful, but I agree with Calvin — the cord should be a very pale grey to harmonise better with the rest of the piece.



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