I just received an email from Nikolay Boltachev, a beginning graphic designer from Russia. He has been working on a concept for a BMX bicycle with hubless wheels – and it’s starting to look pretty great!

However, to take the next step in his project, Nikolay is now urgently looking for more information about hubless wheels and/or magnetic bearings.

Perhaps any of you have been working on a similar project, and have gained some knowledge about this topic?

If you do, please share it via the comments, and gain some major karma points!


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  1. Douglass Turner

    Thats one off the hook, sick, nasty BMX. I just sent a tweet out to the planet looking for folks who know something about the tech. Everybody should do the same. Good luck.

    twitter: @dugla

  2. i think the fork, and the…”rim stay”…or what used to be the seat and chainstays….need to connect to the wheel on both sides.

    else it might not be able to take the shock of hard landings.

    it looks super rad though.



    There’s no way anyone will ever ride this, ever.
    I’m sorry, but it’s a terrible idea and will definitely snap in half.

  4. What’s the advantage of this approach, other than just trying to look cool? Without understanding that it might just be unicorn chasing.

  5. this thing is disgusting, and it will never hit the markets. waste of time and money.

  6. I work at a bike shop and this design would sell but it would probably be very exclusive. Largely because the tech that would be required to make this a reliable ride able rig is going to be expensive. Sure it look like it is week but I thought the same thing when I first so the Cannondale Leftys.

    I am sure some people would buy it for uniqueness and I would guess lightness. But then again the wheels might have to be quite heavy.

    Cool design but I’m just not to sure if it is worth it.

  7. Won’t ever work. Hubless wheels are nothing new for motorcycles. There is a reason that Ducati isn’t using them on their MotoGP bikes. They aren’t really hubless — the hub in this case is actually the same size as the rim itself. Larger hugs require larger bearings. Larger bearings are heavier. Where rotational mass is considered weight = bad.

    This is yet another case of a design student taking something functional and completely foregoing function for the sake of form.

  8. Keep going, you can solve it.
    Don’t listen to the doubters. They’re so aggressively anti-innovation. Why so hostile?

  9. probably also pretty hard to do a nose pick without a full fork to put your foot against although that likely wouldn’t be much of an issue after you tear the frame out of the rim doing your first bunny hop.

  10. hubless = weak, heavy, expensive, or all 3


    chainless = about the same thing

    even the seatpost on this thing looks improbable


  11. A truly terrible design in every way. What PROBLEM with existing BMX bikes is this intended to solve? Excessive resistance to catastrophic failure? Ability to perform the standard repertoire of flatland/ramp tricks? Beauty and elegance?


  12. The following is from the wikipedia link provided in the original post, and sums up quite neatly why this is an interesting exercise in design, but is a failure as a BMX bike:

    “Although hubless wheels are striking in appearance, their numerous practical disadvantages have precluded their widespread use as an alternative to conventional wheels.”

    There is a reason the basic design of the bicycle has remained functionally unchanged for well over a hundred years.

  13. Man, I would never, ever ride something like that. A designer is just wanking off unless he or she makes the bike sturdier, lighter, or faster. This design would make the bike weaker, heavier and slower.

    Like Jeff pointed out above, can you imagine a those kinds of wheels surviving a bunny hop? Instead of the spokes transmitting the force throughout the entire rim, the ball bearings in the rim assembly take all the shock? Yeah, that’ll be a short, jerky ride.

    And considering the rider would be right over the middle of the long uni-tube (no downtube), one careless landing could split the bike right down the middle. And no pegs???

  14. Dr. Randal Mandos

    The late, great David Hume said something to the effect that it is better for a thing to exist both in understanding and reality. This POS apparently has little hope of either. Why does everyone have to get a degree?

  15. Why stop just with the hubless wheel? Why not make it generate electricity that can power your house, just by pedaling?

    Props on the pretty rendering, but hubless concepts (like power generation through pedaling) have been around forever, and have remained firmly concepts. Sure people can make them work, but they end up sucking big time due to weight, cost, friction, drag, etc. etc.

    There are numerous reasons for this, but you’d be better off trying to build a rocket that can go into orbit than wasting your time pursuing this idea.

    Seriously – real-life bike designers go insane when another of these things pop up on the nets. There should be a cadre of bike design fashion police ready to give the smackdown. Why the hostility? Because it makes designers look like idiots.

  16. Here’s some free advice from another designer:

    It helps to understand the function of the thing you’re designing. You obviously don’t.

  17. Ronsonic

    This is just stupid. You can find Middle School hot rod doodles with more practical and innovative design.

  18. That is the most awsomest thing i have ever seen. All you kids think that tis bike will break, it wont, there is some pretty strong metal these days. and who needs pegs. Now that i have seen this every other bike i look at is ***t. BEST IDEA EVER

  19. It looks sick when can i get one and how much is the damage

  20. Why are people so negative about this idea? Realists stunt the growth of true dreamers and artists. Just because it hasn’t been done, doesn’t mean it CAN’T be done. What if all these nay-sayers got to Wright Brothers or Henry Ford or Steve Jobs? Where would we be without those guys?

    Keep dreaming. Designs with this much opposition mean you’re on the right track!

  21. Dude this bike is frickin awesome, I would ride this any day

  22. OK this is a frickin awesome idea, to make the hubless wheel somehow the wheel is gonna need some sort of electrical power IE the cranks are gonna have to provide energy for the wheels, the wheels need electromagnets since they are gonna generate a bigger magnetic field(this is to make them hold up) if you have a kind of magnet in the centre of the wheel(somehow?) then the wheel will hopefully stay together when riding it, apparently there is a major limitation on keeping a constant power output so there is a problem that needs to be solved, back up natural magnets(but this is probably not enough). to make the wheels move is a different story though either a magnet could be used (a very highly power magnet) which spins around as the cranks are being used and once rolling the high powered magnets keep it in place so the wheel will rotate. but how to implement this I dont know the actual mechanical details. and these are only theorectical proposals, and im not the biggest expert in the world im just using some A level electromagnetism to try to explain a possibility.

  23. All u haters, D any of you know how much work and time went into making that insane bike? it WILL be the future and you know it but your just jealous. Oh and if you really want pegs, then i suggest to the designers that you add like removable mounts or something to the side of the fork if that would work… for the back I’d say make an attachment of the frame for a peg to be in the general area of theenter of the rim.

  24. Awsommer

    that is a sick bike when does it come out i would definetly go and get one. the only problem it might have some reliability problems but sweet nonr the le

  25. This is definetaly not a BMX bike… This idea sucks in a way but i could be sick in another… I woulnt ride this bike and do tricks on it but i would ride this bike to cruise around the city

  26. The bike has his good and his bad like other things. The more you can work on a idea. The better you get in time. There’s one thing a bike like this looks very costly. Its a cool bike and new to the table. Ones you get all the bells & well you get it. But the one thing among the rest that’s wrong the rim needs carbon fiber or something strong .yes it will cost alot but in order to be safe & make it work. You need to make it work some how. Well the ? Is .is it worth it. Think about it very good. Don’t give up. But think real good .because of the time and effort you put in it.always look for another option until other wise thanks god bless. You can also find me at. Face book then on the side put my name Edwyn O.Diaz

  27. That looks pretty sick haha, wouldn’t trust it on a 6ft drop though

  28. It is too minimalistic for aggression that BMX must take. Add some pegs on lets say 3-4 strong(fat) spokes-so it would still be hubless(bearings in the rim). The design makes me think a lot,but I dont know much about tehnics available in modern day world. Bet its possible! Keep it up!
    or maybe flatlanders …

  29. Dave Dave

    Im a product designer and a bmxer and all for innovation and thinking outside the box, but where do you draw the line.
    Function before form is my opinion. At the moment this bike wouldnt last two minutes, given to a serious rider, but if you wanted to ride around like a poser this is your bike.
    This design could be feasible given substantial mechanical engineering input, someone who understands the loads that a BMX bike is likely sustain, but in the end will it be worth the effort considering there is no functional advantage over a present BMX, plus its gonna weigh a ton, got no pegs, brakes, drive system and how exectly would you go about truing these wheels, back to the drawing board.
    Its not what you got, its what you can do with it that counts!

  30. funny thing is you did all that work on the rims and left the bars and seat as stock come on dude bit more effort next time

  31. like L.A.S.E.R. electric cars, led TV, a man on the moon… Today an Idea, reality tomorrow.

  32. it is one amazing machine but honestly it doesnt look like it can hold a hard landing it will just breake in half insted of taking so much time on the tires u should of focused more on the other parts of the bike but i love how it looks and would love to try it out bmx is my life:)

  33. to all you haters… take it for what it really is.. in innovation. hubless? sweet so mmore annoying spokes and hubs! give him ideas dont bag on him for his idea.

  34. The fork should come straight out of the head tube so that the two tires line up, otherwise they would be off about an inch

  35. And there could be a double layer rim with about four bearings attached to a runner that connects to the frame

  36. All of the people who are casting negative comments are the kind of people who have very limited inner vision. The designer of this bike will not cease to design because of your opinions. He’s looking for answers, not business advice.
    To the designer: I love the look of the bike. I don’t know when you will get it working, but I look forward to that day.

  37. this would never work as a bike bike other then for looks or just super easy rides. Would brake that thing in a day….

  38. There have been hubless front wheels as a concept in the nineties by koga miyata and other brands. Also some chopperbuilders have used it. It could be done but not in this design. This frame will snap in two at the seatpost.The front wheel needs a rim with a rail and more gliders. The gearring is gonna need some thought. The cog will be as big as the rim. Not that practical. Needs internal gearring and cardan or belt around the whole rim. Very cool. But it wont make it past concept as a bmx. Maybe as a compact folding commuter. But it has another mayor flaw like this. How do you lock it?


  39. I think what people are trying are trying to say and as some have already mentioned is that as a BMX it just wouldn’t survive, the whole point of a BMX is to be near indestructible and take a lot of abuse. As a BMX this bike just wouldn’t survive, it does look weak and like someone has already mentioned the wheels will bend and theres no way of truing them up, the frame, using a single tube will never survive a harsh landing, thats why current BMX don’t use that design, because its dangerous.
    As a bike for cruising around the city or popping to the shops etc, would be great, but as a rider myself aiming it at BMX was the wrong target audience

  40. i think that this bike could be the next big thing but this is only an opinion others may say differnet !

  41. i think this bike with abit of work it would be one of the best bikes ever made

  42. Wow! This bike looks amazing! I would definatly buy one if I had the chance. I wonder how it works… Anyway it looks so E.T with no pegs. Amazing!

  43. i have been riding bmx bikes since the 70s and I would ride this. i think this bike is sik, i would own one, pay no attention to all the nay Sayers and D-bags putting it down.

  44. I am currently working on a similar way for an automobile and may have figured out a plausible way to make this design a reality. It may require adding a few more pieces to your design. Maybe we can work together so we can both complete our projects. Email me at

  45. Come on! This bike looks awesome!!!!! I’d really love to have it!!!!! It seems very convenient! + it doesn’t have a crossbar!!!!!!

  46. smalltownnoob

    I’ve seen this bike consept so many times now and all’s I think is its bad ass and to all the doubters yeah there might be problems but that’s why you work around them I’m goin to try to build this my self if any one has info on the internals send me an email I’m not the smartest person but ill give it a wing every idea deserves a chance at triumph

  47. William Saunders

    HowZ it ride……..and do you make a 24” cruser?????

  48. anthony Brown

    It could probably work with the same technology as the tron bike but just with pedals

  49. cuanto es el precio de esta bicicleta , soy de PERU me fascina la BMX y con ella voy al skatepark . SALUDOS :)

  50. faldfhkhfidhfid

    Hey man you are just what the world needs more of. I’ve been working on a bmx project of my own making the frame out of 1 pipe with a “W” style then kicks out with the chain stays following the same “W” style. Just trying to sort out the bottom bracket to make the housing even stronger and this make the bike extreamly lighter and stronger in allowing a little bit of flex to it.

    as to all of the haters give this guy a break he is trying something new something that hasnt been done in bmx before. How would you like it if the cassette hub never came out and we were stuck with the shitty freewheel. It would suck ass and we would never progress in the design so remember its people that think out of the box that make it better for you.

  51. Krisztián Rein

    This concept bike is very impressive and super rad but the fork look like it is week and I’m sure it will snap. That rim construction might not be able to take the shock of hard landings. The concept is awesome, keep dreaming! :)

  52. a huge fan

    At first i thought it was impossible… but i guess its just hubs so big they dont need spokes
    Seems doable, not sure how pedaling would work but keep up the good work :)
    Forget the haters <3

  53. A Fellow Rider

    cool design but major flaws, a huge one being the forks well what was a fork not a knife i guess the bad thing about that is all the weight of a 6ft drop or hell even a bunny hop will be put on that one singe bar and would break that in a heart beat, and that frame one tube may make it lighter but you would need it to be stronger and stronger usually leads to heavier and lastly about the hub less rims while i do admit it is a cool idea its just not smart even if you had the huge hubs you say there are, what happens when all the weight of a ride and impact combined would most definitely end badly. The idea is still wicked and i think this guy just needs to pursue it more a few tweaks here and there and who knows maybe we all will be riding one soon.

  54. Scrooloose

    Has anybody ever seen the Cannondale Lefty Mountain bike fork? this fork would work if it was a little beefier

  55. this is probably the coolest b,x design iv ever seen if its ever produced ill definitely own one for sure keep up the good work i hope this makes it to manufacturing on a mass produced scale

  56. this is probably the coolest b,x design iv ever seen if its ever produced ill definitely own one for sure keep up the good work i hope this makes it to manufacturing on a mass produced scale

  57. this is probably the coolest b,x design iv ever seen if its ever produced ill definitely own one for sure keep up the good work i hope this makes it to manufacturing on a mass produced scale

  58. this is probably the coolest b,x design iv ever seen if its ever produced ill definitely own one for sure keep up the good work i hope this makes it to manufacturing on a mass produced scale



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