This beautiful minimalist bin, designed by Japanese designer Shigeichiro Takeuchi, consists of nothing more than a cylindrical body and a wooden lid – but no moving parts added.

The wooden lid tilts without a mechanism; it just balances on the diagonal cut of the cylinder. The shapes and angles doing all the work.

And although it consists of just two parts, the bin definitely has its own identity.


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  3. Nuel Agency


    We are interior designer and we work actually on a great project of head office.
    We would to integrate the minimalist bin in our project.
    Can you tell us were we can buy this object and what is its price.
    Thank for your answer.

    Vincent Graciani.

  4. Irene Gómez

    I love the Shigeichiro bin. Do you know where I can buy it? Best Reghards, Irene, Madrid- Spain



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