I’d have to be very thirsty to buy fancy bottled water. But there is no way I could have missed this creative packaging act: a no-label look with Paul Smith colorful trademark stripes.

British fashion designer Sir Paul Smith philosophy is about colors, full of energy and fun. “Youth is a question of attitude,” he says. Sir Paul designed an understated, limited edition Evian bottle, accented with his personal statement—famous vibrant stripes to echo Evian‘s slogan, “Live Young”.

A dual emotional positioning for a no-label look: purity and color. I think that color can soften the precise and hard-edge purism of minimalism. Water with a bit of the unexpected. Thirsty now?


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  1. Mark van Hees

    Ehm… How is this minimalist? Sure it’s pretty, but it’s FAR from minimalist.

  2. Mark, maybe…one might respond to aesthetic expressions differently. Here minimalist design is made of clear glass and clean lines. It displays water with a no-label look to not detract from the product. I find this super clean, but not clean enough for you?
    Alex, I think it’s funny that “Evian” spelled backwards is “naive.” I wonder if it is a coincidence.

  3. Lilí Lu

    Con sed o no compraría esta agua. La botella es demasiado hermosa



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