Minimalist design, beautiful form and color, comfortable feel, and a sense of fun that’s the new Lotta mobile phone. It sits firmly in your hand and casts a delicate, trapezoidal silhouette. A two-tone contrast plays on its bright surface and features a matte finish and polished texture.

Ichiro Iwasaki has designed this new mobile phone for the Japanese company iida. He initially worked at the Sony Design Center, later moved to Italy.

After having experiences at design studios in Milan, returned to Japan and established Iwasaki Design Studio in 1995. He received a number of awards including the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany, the iF design award, the red dot award and the G-mark special award.


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  1. Hi Alex, don’t you like the design or do you think there are better minimalist phones? I think the Lotta is a clean designed phone with a simple interface but maybe I’ve seen to much ugly phones ;-)

  2. The design itself is inconsistent between its exterior and the key panel. I don’t like the black “framing”. The screen looks like nothing but regular.

  3. nice in the exterior, but inside it looks a bit like a ‘common’ nokia

  4. Prada phone was the one with the most restraint in the UI design. Hardware-wise though.. hard to say, the evolution was driving the phone design in the exact opposite direction. Samsung Ultras showed some hope, but they are no longer developed which is a real shame.

  5. The real minimalist phone: Serene, by Bang & Olufsen.
    And, of course, Apple iPhone (but that’s a smartphone).



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