East London / Essex based design studio Mash Creative designed an A1 calendar poster in a limited edition of 100. Okay … we kicked-off 2010 already almost 2.5 months ago, but it is never too late to put a nice calendar on your wall.

These nice, typographic, minimalist calendar posters are lithographs printed in two colors on 170gsm Cyclus offset with a 60% cyan shiner to achieve an extra rich black. Each poster is hand numbered and signed by the designer.

The calendar is available for purchase at Counter-Objects.


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  1. Why do you think this is minimalist? Because of the absence of colour? I think the jumbling of the type makes it rather cluttered, it does not even read easy…

  2. Hi Christel

    I agree with you the calendar could have been much more minimalist but the calendar is stripped down to its most fundamental features; the months of the year, presented in a playful way.

    The jumbling type in the title might be hard to read … it does attract the eye, and I like this play with typography.

    – Niels-Peter

  3. Christel

    I understand that you like it. You wouldn’t have put it up there otherwise. But that does not make it minimalist :) I also see some other ‘features’ or elements besides the months of the year, that make it something other than minimalist.
    The ‘Two Thousand Ten calendar’ shown underneath is a much better example as far as calendars go…



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