As the proud father of a one-year-old daughter, I can really appreciate toys that are not only practical and colourful, but also beautiful. And those are hard to find, believe me… So imagine the joy when I found bicycle BIT!

BIT is designed by Marc Castelló, who runs design studio Glodos together with his partner Sergi Teixidó.

The plywood bike targets kids from 18 months to 3 years of age, and should help them develop their balance, coordination and psychomotor skills. And it helps their parents look cool ;-)


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  1. Bought one for my daughter last year for christmas.

    The design is gorgeous. The actual product… Not super usable.

    The tires are made of the cheapest, thinest plastic. There is no form of bearing and there’s too much friction so on slicker surfaces (laminate flooring) the wheels don’t even spin. Using it out on the concrete they spin just fine, but the wheels wear big time. (think oldschool big wheels with the worn out wheels) Ours is mostly on display these days. Going to try a bitbike for this year’s christmas.



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