In the old days of analog photography, waiting for results was an integral part of the experience. First you wait until you finished the entire roll of film, and then you had to wait even longer for the film to be developed.

However, this delayed gratification did make seeing your photos for the first time a lot sweeter than it is today.

India-born designer Saikat Biswas tries to bring back some of those qualities with this concept for a digital camera, the Holga D.

Whilst large displays are all the rage nowadays, the Holga D doesn’t have a display at all. Your photographs remain mysterious until you download the images.

Its other functionalities are also kept to an absolute minimum – almost rudimentary. Very few controls, a 2 speed shutter, 2 apertures and a very basic focusing ring – just enough functionality to make it useful.

And don’t you just love the old school design?!


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  1. At least in these renders, there’s plenty of selectable shutter speeds (the dial which has the orange button). Great design and idea as well… Hope it sees daylight!

  2. Although i can’t work with it, I’d like to buy one for all days pictures, but I can’t find it on the internet. Can someone help me how to buy it?

  3. Great concept. I’d buy one if it ever saw the light of day.

    I love the retro orange shutter release. Although this didn’t appear on the Holga, it reminds me of old Agfa cameras.

    I wonder how you’d simulate the variety of light leaks that Holga was known for with a digital camera. Doing this in software doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

    Would be nice to have a 35mm switch on it too – I remember mod’ing a Holga to run this smaller format film. Shots would run across the sprocket holes and everything!

  4. Let me put some criticism here.

    Remember those analog cameras. They certainly had no digital screen, but they at least had viewfinder. How, on earth, could I perform any creativity if don’t see things I am intended to shot?

  5. matt Gadd

    perfect mix of nostalgia and technology

    i would pay alot of money for one of these

  6. Nice concept, although I agree with GZ, simulating the light leak would not be a good idea, and that’s what Holga’s are good for, as well as being very cheap. Would this digital version be as disposable?

    Also to answer Danil & mikes comments about the viewfinder – on original Holga’s the viewfinder does not give an accurate preview of the resulting picture, so people who have Holga’s usually ‘shoot from the hip’ anyway.

    Looks great tho :)

  7. I would buy this in a heartbeat.

    There are smartphone apps now that simulate vintage pictures (Camera Bag) – maybe you could have the option to toggle those kinds of effects with the Holga.

  8. Daniel Jin

    Please let me know the second this camera becomes a reality.

    i’d pay lots for how it is now, extra 100 if it also had a viewfinder.

  9. The problem with digital is that this medium needs a more perfect exposure than film. 2 aperturevalues and 2 different shutterspeeds is not enough for today’s digital sensors. Also, given the lens size of the thing, the sensor is going to be quite big, which will make this thing quite expensive, something which contradicts the whole concept of a holga.

  10. Tsunang Naifinh

    Very beautiful. I would have to say though, it should slim down a bit more. In some ways, this product is like merging the Leica Digilux 3 (boxy) and the Sigma DP series cameras.

  11. Renee Hamrick

    I’m definitely buying one! Really hope this design comes true. The prototype is perfect, don’t change a thing.

  12. Oh my god this camera is amazingly cool, I seriously need to get myself one. When is this going to be for sale?



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