Heineken and French designer ORA-ÏTO teamed up again after previous collaborations. Back in 2002 ORA-ÏTO received the ‘oscar for the best packaging’ for his aluminum Heineken bottle. The outcome of the latest collaboration is a new limited edition set of 100% sustainable aluminum bottles; the Icone Pure.

ORA-ÏTO is the brand name of the designer Ito Morabito. Morabito describes his style as simplexity. He says:

All my designs look very simple, but I can tell you it is very complex to make it happen.

The new bottle is white with a green dotted inscription and featuring the iconic green logo of Heineken on the front and back.


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  1. deRonchi

    Beautiful design. Too bad it is filled with awful beer.

  2. I would like to have this beautiful botle.. I LOVE HEINEKEN A LOT!



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