Naoto Fukasawa, naturally a well known name here at Minimalissimo, collaborates with ONAO, a Japanese paper company, creating a new line of products called siwa・紙和.

The bags are composed of wood pulp and polyolefin using washi-suki paper, a method developed by ONAO, which is extremely strong and resistant to water, despite its paper appearance.

This is why I’m in love for Japanese designs, it’s the way they can take the traditional, and use it in such a contemporary way and of course being functional at the same time. (Thx, Mikaela!)


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  1. Just an off-topic question for all you americans out there. Do you still have those paper bags without handles on them?

    Jupp, got to agree on the part of japanese design. Keeping the fundamentals and usage of an object and adding improvements, genius!

  2. Very simple. @Robin, as a bagger at a grocery store, I can say with upmost confidence that we do. :) most upscale places don’t bother with them though.

  3. I have no idea why this SIWA line is considered groundbreaking. The line of goods simply mimic American Design from the late 1800’s (post civil war) through the 1950’s.
    Just looking at WWII era military bags, government document covers (aka ‘folders’) and simple ‘essential’ items will shed some light on this elusive “minimalism”.

    Sorry, but this just isn’t original.



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