One of our readers just sent this in: British designer Patrick Smith (a.k.a. Graphic Patrick) made some pretty nice minimalist posters about mental disorders.

Apparently, Smith was doing some research about mental health when he came across a list of mental disorders and got inspired.

My personal pref goes out to Agoraphobia. Yours? (Thx, Stefano!)


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  1. Major Bummer

    Great stuff. The proof that an image can tell a thousand words.

  2. OCD is definitely my favourite. If you look at the squares hard enough, they all start to look mis-aligned. Genius.

  3. these posters are very cool. id love a set 4 my bedroom,lol

  4. OCD and dissosiative identitty disorder are my favourites.Though the idea itself as whole is appearently creative.

  5. The Dissociative identity disorder poster is cool. I love the color scheme in all.

  6. Adrienne

    Pretty neat! I too was hoping to see one about anxiety!

  7. The OCD one drives me crazy but I can’t stop looking at it. Maybe if I look hard enough at it the square will right itself… :(

  8. Love these, but the anorexia one would really be more appropriate for body dysmorphic disorder.

  9. Hi, Can you buy these somewhere? They are simply amazing!

  10. I’d invent more disorders only to enjoy more masterpieces..

  11. The anorexia one seems more like BDD to me, but I guess it works for that too

  12. Nat Clegg

    Erm….justified and worried worried worried..or am I?

  13. ViciousCycle

    I love these, but would have liked a guessing game type post as to what the posters represented. Solid though.

  14. These are pretty amazing, but the OCD one fundamentally misunderstand the disorder. OCD is not being particular about the way things are, it’s severe anxiety and panic that if things aren’t done a certain way, something horrible will happen. Continuing to misrepresent disorders trivializes them and what the people who suffer from them go through.



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