The AC 01 alarm clock by Jasper Morrison, designed for electronics manufacturer Punkt, was envisioned as a no-nonsense item, reduced to its essentials. The purpose of this design is to reintroduce us to the traditional alarm clock and stir us away from using a cell phone as a waking devise. With this simple timepiece by our bedside there will be no fumbling around in the dark, no radiation, and no unwanted calls in the middle of the night.

Every part of AC 01 serves a specific purpose. Here is how Jasper Morrison describes his creation:

It’s an alarm clock with a shape that I designed… … it sits slightly angled on an ‘L’ shaped aluminium extrusion, with the clock face set into a round hole. A rocker-switch, to set the alarm on and off, rotates around the mechanism, which sticks out of the back, and a small window below the 12 marker on the clock face indicates its status.

The clock’s dial is protected by scratch-proof glass, the body is made from aluminium. The glow-in-the-dark hands and dial show time in complete darkness. Simple commands, intuitive use and uncomplicated fundamental functions – what more can we need from an alarm clock?..


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  1. “what more can we need from an alarm clock?”

    An adjustable alarm, an easy “off” button, and no “snooze”.

    I despise loud jarring alarms which wake everyone and rattle my at-peace slumber. I use my cell phone as an alarm because the quiet buzzing of the vibrate function is enough to wake me without startling my wife. Give me a gentle, albeit insistent, alert. Not all of us are heavy sleepers.

    Snooze buttons are evil, seducing one back to slumber with “oh, another 5-10 minutes won’t hurt”. I can do that cycle for an hour and half. An off button, however, carries the weight of “if you press this and don’t get up you’re in trouble”. The perverse and persistent design of clocks is to feature the evil snooze button, and provide no clear & easy way to just shut the **** thing off.

  2. nice/simple/clean looking clock. my only grip with it (and many products for this reason) is the name brand “punkt” put on the face of the clock. why!? just ruins it (and so many other cool/sleek items). why can’t they just keep the name on the back/bottom? i don’t want to advertise for anyone unless they are paying me to do so. if you must put your “brand” on an item, and it’s exposed, come up with a cool logo/symbol. otherwise, this is a good alarm clock!

  3. Derek Sneed

    I’d just use my phone. One of the bad things (to me) with minimalistic product design is that all of your tools only have one purpose and so you have to own 80 different things to get anything done. Kinda defeats the purpose. It’s still a pretty clock though, even though it’s face is marred by branding like Los CA was saying.



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