This collection of pictogram history posters was designed by H-57 creative agency as a part of their collaborative project with the website First Floor Under. The posters are designers’ take on famous biographies, real and fictional, expressed in not more than three or four steps. Thus, the lives of Michael Jackson, Hitler, Darth Vader, Jesus, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Bruce Lee and Caesar were summarized in a pictographic and humorous way. And, according to H-57, more similar works are coming:

We want to create many of them to give our point of view on the most famous world stories. Unfortunately, the ones with tragic ending are the funniest and most interesting.

With the popularity of typography and infographics on the rise, we see a lot of movie and music posters, art and literary works getting beautiful minimalist makeovers. These H-57 historic strips are a noteworthy addition to the array of inspiring designs.


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  1. Derek Sneed

    Kind of takes things out of context, but that’s art for you.

  2. das spoon

    “that’s art for you” is a bit of a blanket statement… well done work, humorous. I don’t think they were made to be too serious or ‘politically correct’ or historically accurate in the story lines

  3. Derek Sneed

    So they were made to make you feel cool for liking them?

  4. genuinely bored of all these minimal poster sets, they miscommunicate content and detract from other peoples great work.

    these are shit, not minimal. “[history of michael jackson}” needing to explain a ‘minimalist’ design seems retarded if you ask me

  5. Your posters are fascinating and interesting. Would love to have a copy to display in my classroom to provoke questions.

  6. I agree with Alex. The Michael Jackson one just cheapens his achievements in pop music and comes across like a t-shirt print you’d find on a market stall.

  7. I don’t find these particularly humorous, nor fascinating. To point out an example, the Jackson poster is played out. He was mocked for approximately two decades about the changes in his skin tone, and then it was confirmed in the coroner’s report that he did in fact have Vitiligo. Aside from the obvious musical achievements, this guy broke down barriers and was a humanitarian (he’s even in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the “Most Charities Supported By a Pop Star”). He was much more than the colour of his skin, it’s dull and uninspired to keep reducing him to that.



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