clOck is a strikingly minimal project from UK based designer ShihWen Wang. The shape of this simple and rather unique timepiece has been stripped down to just a ring, making its visual impact on a wall, subtle and elegant. The look of the clock changes depending on a surface it put against, allowing the user to co-create the design in some way.

ShihWen Wang explains:

Devoid of numbers, clOck allows the creation of a subjective, personal time. While being hung on the wall, the whole piece seems like dissolving into the background, an integral part of the wall.

And because there is no structural support for hands, the time is represented by two dots; the red dot displays hours and the black one indicates minutes.


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  1. I really like it. I know the dots are slightly different in size, but I think it would be better to focus more on that (making the difference more distinguishable) instead of the different colours.

  2. It would be interesting to see a DIY version of this great piece.

  3. Hmm, i do realy not know about this one. From far it looks great, but it is not so beautifull up close, and its hard to find a room to put this clock inside…

  4. I too think the color difference is a usability hit against size difference. It actually feels like more effort / more complex to make sense of the dots than a simple white face clock. Also the shadows and silver color play kind of a complex effect that makes me feel more of a “complex void” rather than a minimalist design.



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