German creative studio Deutsche & Japaner, based in Mannheim, specialise in a variety of disciplines, such as graphic design, product design, interior design, illustration and scenography as well as conceptual creation and strategic brand escort.

Earlier this year, the studio designed a limited edition book titled X / I / I. The beautifully minimal designed book (particularly the cloth cover) is the first in the series from TENWORDSANDONESHOT, presenting the featured artists from the blog in a printed publication.

The blog and the book share the same rules in the sense that there are only ten words written by the artists to outline their personality and just one studio image to offer an impression. Each entry has been designed in a completely different style using various sizes and typeface for both imagery and comments, resulting in a simple yet visually interesting book.


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  1. Carl,

    I think saying “specialise in a variety of disciplines” is an oxymoron. One either specializes in a narrowly defined field or, in contrast, is competent in a variety of fields i.e. prolific. Scenography, graphic design, and strategic brand escort, I can say with confidence are different enough that being a specialist in those three areas alone would be nearly impossible, let alone fulfilling the whole laundry list cited.

  2. It’s not an oxymoron at all. Being prolific in a field could also be defined as being specialist. Specialising in the cited services is far from impossible considering the size of the team, however whether they live up to that claim, is completely subjective. I have featured an example of work which I think has been beautifully and professionally produced, whether you feel the same is entirely up to you.



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