This week, Japanese design studio Plus Minus Zero (±0) who produce household electrical goods and household items, released their latest product – the Mini Ceramic Fan Heater. Last year Minimalissimo featured their original fan heater, however the mini version is of course smaller, thinner (H210 x W105 x D148mm), lighter (1.2kg) and less expensive.

Available in three colours – red, brown and blue, the Mini Ceramic Fan Heater appears to offer an undeniable simplicity and subtlety, even more so than its predecessor. How functionally effective this heater is though, I’d like to experience.


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  1. It’s true ±0 makes a lot of nice products. This one really is cute.

  2. Is this product able to be purchased online and shipped to the US?

  3. WM: I’ve spent some time digging, and there doesn’t appear to be any direct means of purchasing ±0 products and shipping to the US. There are some middle-man type stores that specialize in obtaining items from the AP region and shipping to the US and you should be able to find them if you do a search for a particular product. White Rabbit is one such company that comes to mind.

  4. Don’t forget that Japan has different voltage. If you can get this in the US, you’ll have to by a voltage transformer.



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