Milan based Italian designer and architect Denis Guidone, a Minimalissimo favourite for his minimalist watches, has recently created My Book for Nava Design.

Guidone has taken a minimal, yet unusual approach to the concept of this book. He explains:

It is a blank book with a pretext to imagine a story, a book that you could write yourself, day after day; It is a white space to imagine, you can also leave the pages blank and  fill them in with simply your thoughts.

I like the idea it is not a notepad or a sketchbook per se (although it could perhaps be used as such), but instead it is a book to encourage storytelling. My Book is available in brightly bound red, white and black.


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  1. The concept is interesting, if you think it through with me, he can almost take credit for whatever you write. Not actually, well, maybe depending on how you view reality. He created the pages and told you what they were for. Whatever you write is his work…

    But only if indeed this is art. If not then it’s just an empty book with a pretentious cover.



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