Richard Serra is an American minimalist sculptor. Considered one of the best living sculptors, Serra and abstraction have always been associated and he is well known for his minimalist large-scale works of sheet metal. His outdoor sculptures have an initial process of oxidation and the color remains more or less stable over time.

One of his more notable works is this mammoth sculpture, Snake, a trio of steel blades that create a curved path. It is permanently located in the largest gallery of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. In 2005, the museum mounted eight of Serra’s sculptures to create a collection entitled The Matter of Time, and Snake has now become an addition to that collection.

I had never previously written about sculptures before, but I find Richard Serra’s work really inspiring and powerful. And if you enjoy this you can also check another of Serra’s posts.


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  1. I absolutely recommend everybody visiting Bilbao to enter inside these sculptures in the Guggenheim Museum. It’s simply incredible, as the whole museum and it’s collections.

    The experience is overwhelming for many people, specially if it’s not crowded. You find yourself inside tiny, long corridors, wrapped in steel, and many people discover for the first time the anguishing sensation of claustrophobia, the terrible loneliness of having nowhere to go, no place to escape. For children it’s like an amusement park; for adults, a grasp of something greater than the world, perhaps even death: the matter of time, as it’s entitled. And when you find someone inside it, both of you will know you’re sharing something new and exciting.

    It’s amazing to discover that you can conversate with the author through the piece. My dear mate felt even dizzy, while I was totally enthusiastic.

    A great work of art.

  2. I came here to say the same as John, but I could not say it better. It is an incredible experience to be there.



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