I was recently introduced to, which celebrates the life and works of Italian minimalist designer, architect and teacher, AG Fronzoni.

In 1962, Fronzoni designed this attractive light fitting, Quadra. Made from steel with a white, black or polished finish, Quadra can be installed on brick walls or ceilings, and measures just 8.66″ x 8.66″. The lamp was nominated for a Compasso d’Oro in 2004 and is manufactured by Italian lighting company Viabizzuno.

With its simple form as a perfect square, and soft lighting, I think it’s a fine example of the great work Fronzoni has produced over the years.


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  1. This lamp was created during the haydays of Minimal Art, but way before minimalism made its way into furniture and industrial design (aside from some pieces by the minimalist artists themselves).

    But then there was AG Fronzoni, a hardcore minimalist living in Italy, far away from the United States where Minimal Art was popular, suddenly making timeless gems like these. I find that amazing.



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