The Concrete Kitchen by Martin Steininger has been recently awarded the prestigious RedDot design award. The designer used  ultra-thin 8 mm concrete as a main visual element in this project. Heat resistant and safe for food, the material is a perfect match for the function of the kitchen. However, the manufacturing process has to be very precise and requires a certain know-how. Hand-polished surfaces, minimal details and appliances add to the slick and streamlined look.

I love the combination of cool and masculine concrete and warm wood. Integrated herbal boxes save space and eliminate the need for cluttering additions to the kitchen.


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  1. I saw this at 100% design in London last year. I particularly like the way the hob is so discreetly integrated into the worktop.

  2. Clean, undetailed and functional.. That’s what I want for a design. Good job.

  3. Really really beautiful. With some little changes it would be likely my perfect kitchen.

  4. Niels-Peter

    Nice. I like the integration of the storage space for herbs.



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