This beautiful minimalist cash and cards holder by Daycraft is everything that the traditional wallet is not. It is small, simple, light and compartment free. The piece, aptly called Moneywrap, is reduced to a singular folding principle. It wraps around your banknotes, which in turn are folded over your credit cards. The result is a sleek little item, that can fit in any pocket. How clever.

I like how well thought out Moneywrap is. Held together by a rubberband, your valuables are secure. And to access them – all you need to do is lift the flap open. No buttons or sharp edges to scratch your things… Watch the video to see the piece in action.


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  1. I watched the video and I still don’t quite understand how is this supposed to be convenient. When one removes a strap, the contents (essentially) get loose. No way to get the card out with one hand, no way to get a specific card without shuffling through cash, etc. Beautifully done, well presented, certainly minimalist, but this is just not practical at all. Saying this as someone who killed a lot of time sifting through “slim”, “sleeve” and “front pocket” wallets in the past.

  2. dickie smaber

    Very nice and exactly what I am looking for. I’m going to order one!


  3. I love it. But 50 bucks is a lot (for me).
    I think I will make one out of some spare vinyl my parents have around the house, and a hairband maybe?

  4. dickie smaber

    Damn, out of stock. I guess I’m not the only one who wants one.

  5. They have stocks again! Recently they have a promotion for father’s day…

  6. dickie smaber

    Just got myself one. Hope it is as good as it looks…

  7. If you are truly minimalist, you won’t need more than 1 credit card, 1 debit/atm card, and 1 ID card. I have a front pocket card holder with a transparent ID pocket on one side, and 2 card pockets on the other. In between there is an extra pocket I keep a spare check in. If I carry cash (only when necessary or when I travel internationally) I use a money clip.



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