Tamer Koseli is a Swiss multidisciplinary designer currently living in Istanbul. Koseli has recently created an unusual yet intuitive and minimal wall clock, named Period Clock.

The clock is composed of just three moving circles that indicate the time in a new and intuitive way. The large and medium circles that make up the main clock face rotate to indicate the hour while the smaller circle within the medium hour circle indicates the minutes. It also glows in the dark, making it easy to tell time at night.

The name of the clock might be misleading to some, but the design itself is very interesting. Although not yet in production, Period Clock, which has been designed in a variety of finishes, successfully achieves an attractive visual simplicity without compromising function.


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  1. very cool. i like the design & simplicity, however, it can be a little confusing to tell the time because even the person who posted the bottom/left shot of the black clock with white small dot (saying 7:55) got the time wrong! it should be 6:55.

  2. Mauricio

    Really liked how clean this is! I don’t know why, but I actually found it easier to see the small dot as an hour, but thats just me haha Loved it!
    (btw, I guess 7:55 is correct! haha)

  3. Nice idea but I’d never consider buying one purely because I don’t need a new and intuitive way of telling the time. I’m happy with 12 markers and 3 hands.

  4. i actually want 1 how much can i buy one for please email me and let me know



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