Today I would like to introduce you to the stylish and minimalist packaging of Casa Bosques Chocolates by Mexican multidisciplinary designers, Savvy Studio. Casa Bosques is a creative platform that develops products of a permanent and sustainable nature by collaborating with experts in various disciplines who share this same philosophy.

Casa Bosques Chocolates is the first project in the entity, a collaboration with the master chocolatier Jorge Llanderal. Twelve different editions will be produced, one every season. Casa Bosques’s first chocolate is made from pure Mexican cacao of the highest quality, and the second is made with pure Venezuelan cacao.

The branding and package design from Savvy Studio is what really caught my eye though. The white packaging with a strong focus on beautifully fitting typography along with a hint of colour to differentiate the editions, successfully compliment these sophisticated artisan chocolates. Wonderful work.


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  1. New is a well-forgotten old. This is how food packaging looked like before the invent of “branding” and “shelf presence” :)

  2. Love the packaging but I think it is rare to see on the packaging who actually designed the packaging. I would leave that information away to focus more on the actual product.

  3. Woww.. The most beautiful packages I’ve ever seen. Plain, nice, clean.. Even the font type looks pretty.

  4. Wow these are nice. I would have to buy 2; 1 to keep and 1 to eat!



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