Hidden in the bustle of Brooklyn Heights is the lovely Steele Residence. This chic and modern home was designed by the New York based firm Resolution: 4 Architecture, or RES4 for short. The Steele Residence is a complete gut renovation designed to reflect the personalities of a recently retired couple. The central element of the 1650 square foot home is a utility core made of maple. This core contains the kitchen, mechanical room, and storage. The apartment rotates around this core- the public areas are closest to the core and the private rooms rest along the exterior walls. The manipulated ceiling further seeks to accentuate the apartment’s organization. The ceiling is curved so as to contain the private spaces along the edges and expand the public spaces against the core.

The Steele Residence is the definition of modern Brooklyn living! It is a gorgeous renovation in one of Brooklyn’s great neighborhoods. While the aesthetic of this home appears quite minimal, it is not without decoration. Yet each decorative piece has been carefully chosen and placed, allowing the apartment to feel clean and effortless. Overall, the Steele Residence is full of character, comfort, and of course, style.


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