If you are suffering from the case of Costanza wallet, this item might cure you. Australian brand Bellroy came up with the minimalist Card Sleeve Wallet, offering traditional wallet’s functionality without the bulk. The piece is stripped from everything that can add volume. There are no linings, no zippers, only vegetable tanned leather and thread. Quick access slots on the front and back allow to keep your frequently used cards and cash at your fingertips. The pull tab in the main compartment helps you to produce the contents quickly and easily.

I love the versatility of the design. The piece can be used as a slim wallet and/or a business card holder. It holds 2 to 6+ cards and comes in three colors – black, cocoa and blue.


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  1. It’s nice, and I use a similar card wallet, but this is not minimalist in a sense that it can be further simplified without sacrificing the function. Speaking from my own experience, the “quick access slots” and the pull tab – these don’t really add much compared to a simple single compartment design.

    To each his own, obviously. I’m sure there are people who’d love this variation.

  2. In my experience the pull tab and quick access slots add both functionality and panache. The slot allows me to access either business cards, cash or the credit card I use 90% of the time while the pull tab allows me to access the inner contents w/o having to “dig” them out. Small but meaningful differences.



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