The Soldati House by Victor Vasilev is located in Carrara, Italy. It is a family home covering 530 sq.m over three floors.

The owners wished for ultramodern and Milanese look but with contemporary domestic environment where function was not left behind. The featured element of square volumes is highly visible throughout: the geometry of a fireplace, sunken floor, art, bedroom furniture etc. The ceiling’s lighting is also incorporated as if to enrich the concept even further. A special treat built for the family is a private spa area with sauna, a large tub and a massage zone. Travertine marble and Indonesian teak were used as primary materials through which a level of easy elegance is translated.

I love that the photographs shown were taken two years after the project was completed, providing us with a hint of lasting ultramodern effect the family desired.


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  1. It does look very clean and spacious, but not that ultramodern. Living on 530 sq.m. isn’t really in line with philosophy of minimalism either, is it?

  2. Anthony Marasco

    It’s funny. But I find this home trite. Not because of the ‘Silvestrinism,’ I like Silvestrin. But because of the ‘run of the mill’ design pieces which adorn it. If money is no issue, as it is so obviously the case here, one should discriminate more. Read more, see more, visit more galleries and museums. Live more.

  3. I agree Anthony, at first sight I really liked it, but then after reading your comment, I would argue that certain things are out of place in the house. First up would be the windows. The windows break the dominant shape inside the house, which are rectangles (4th picture down actually looks like it has a singular glass construction. I’d rather have a single pane of glass for each window to bring me closer to the outside world.

    Second, there is a consistent poor choice in the seating.

    King – “One day son, this will all be yours”.
    Prince – “What the curtains”?



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