The design team at Cadaval & Solà-Morales have created an interesting structure 50km south of Mexico City, as part of a series of bungalows in a town historically popular among artists, poets, musicians and writers. Known as the Tepoztlan Lounge, the openness and its design around existing trees cleverly syncs both natural and manicured landscape into a communal space, where every activity embraces the surroundings.

Its architectural form is what I like most about it. Its tri-point volume ensures there isn’t a front or back of the building, embraces every possible advantage of the views of the landscape and allows an openness that integrates internal and external activities yet provides shade and privacy if needed. Parents can be within reach of their children while cooking or in the pool; switching from hammock-napping to novel-reading to pool-plunging mode whenever is what this lounge is about. Its concrete structure as beautifully minimalist as it is, is also an energy efficient material in this climate, making it an incredibly desirable escape right now.


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