This stylish home in San Francisco wasn’t always so sleek and modern. The 20th Street Residence used to be an ordinary home on a historic block near the bay. The homeowners desired an updated space, but their design choices were limited due to the designation of this block as a historic area. City set back guidelines and restrictions on facade alternations challenged the client’s vision for a modern home. SFOSL, a firm based in San Francisco and Oslo, responded to these challenges with an innovative design that combines historic and modern elements. The renovation added 650 square feet by vertically lengthening the home. The facade was updated for a new look- it is clad in inexpensive Ramp Armour, the same material used in skate parks. The layout of the interior is simple, mainly white with raw wood and concrete.

This house is a perfect blend of historic San Francisco and modern minimalism. I love how the shape of the facade references the home’s original frame while embracing a fresh aesthetic. Most modern homes in a neighborhood like this would stand out, but this home embraces the street while remaining unique. The 20th Street Residence is a fantastic example of creativity over compromise. Well done!


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