BeoPlay A9 is the latest creation of the renown electronics brand Bang & Olufsen and the winner of the prestigious iF award 2013. The laconic piece is a speaker, the one you wouldn’t want to hide. Here is how designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto describes this work:

Sound travels in circles, like waves around a stone when it hits the water. Circles defines the grid of everything in this design and the result is obvious, minimalistic and poetic. I aimed towards a design, that looked more like a piece of furniture than as a machine.

I love the versatility of the design. It can perform equally well as a free-standing speaker or a wall piece, mounted via an optional wall bracket. Check out the video to see how BeoPlay A9 was crafted.


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  1. It sounds good too… The looks have caused for a lot of debate among Bang & Olufsen enthusiasts, however. It really is a love or hate thing. Too bad the tripod only comes in wood. There should have been a metal version as well.

    The volume control (swiping) is a nice touch. It also looks a bit smaller in real life. The diameter of the speaker is 70 centimeters. Somehow it reminds me an Ikea folding table…



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