Designed by typically minimalistic, contemporary-modern Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan and his StudioMK27, Casa Osler is composed primarily by two prismatic volumes in reinforced concrete, glass and wood, positioned in such a way as to leave plenty of open space for a swimming pool and garden. The downstairs prism contains the rooms and living areas, and the upper storey houses a kitchen with a privileged view.

The house is fit for its location in Brasilia, with its tiled mural designed by Athos Bulcão, who had long years of collaborating with Brazilian modernist architects such as Oscar Nieyemer and Roberto Burle Marx.

Photography by Zuleika de Souza & Claudio Dupas.


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  1. Not one, but two staircases that would’ve been illegal in Canada :)

    Took me a minute to figure out how to navigate their site, but once through that hurdle, it’s just chokeful of goodness. Nice find. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. The absolute Master.
    Sophistication comes from simplicity.
    And here, as in all their other projects, the demonstration
    is quite obvious.
    Often copied, never equalized.
    Life, color, textures, forms, graphic, useful…
    All in one.



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