Australian born visual artist, George Papadimas, currently based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, has a staggeringly impressive body of work including geometric forms and colour, and so today I am featuring a collection of his enamel on stainless steel minimalist sculptures.

Each sculpture is a distortion of a cube comprised of stainless steel rods coated in black enamel. These art works, created in 2010, are perhaps Papadimas’s most striking sculptures, though many of them could certainly be defined as deceptively minimalist.

I’ll undoubtedly be keeping an eye out for future exhibitions. Wonderful work.


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  1. These do look nice, particularly the skeletal structures. I like that they are distortions of the form of a cube, and the work on the bottom left showcases this nicely. Would be interesting to see them photographed from different angles, or—of course—in person.

  2. I really like the fluid connections in both the frames and the volumes, it’s so clean and sensual visually..



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