Richard Long (b. 1945) is an English artist working in the mediums of painting, photography and sculpture. He is perhaps best known as a land artist, and the works featured here derive from this genre. Beautiful installations of natural material, including rock and bark, arranged in meticulous geometric forms. Whether situated in modern or old buildings, outdoors or near the sea, they never cease to juxtapose their surroundings exquisitely.

Having seen some of this work in person at AGNSW recently, I was particularly impressed by their scale and struck with a feeling of awe. Can anyone else relay an encounter of Long’s work?


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  1. As a minimalist artist I have a particular fondness for Richard’s work. His work outdoors is stunning in its simplicity and his unique take of imposing natural materials (as say, an Inuk might in stacking stones making an Inukshuk) is refreshing.

  2. Just looking at the pictures makes me relxaed, I wonder if the sounds of the London traffic will melt in the background looking at the last photo left



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