Kent Wang is a small company founded in Austin, Texas dedicated to making high-quality, classic menswear at reasonable prices. Founded in 2007 out of a frustration with the difficulty of finding even basic linen pocket squares at local retailers, they have since expanded into several product lines offering classic, timeless designs.

One of my favorite products from their range is the Sneaker white. An absurdly clean design, beautifully finished in leather, make these sneakers into desireable pieces – even for girls!

In the 1960-70s, shoemakers used to make simple, minimal shoes like these. Today, they only make excessively sporty designs plastered with logos. Let’s go back to a simpler time.

A simpler time, indeed.


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  1. It’s a simple design, but I wouldn’t say it’s a minimalist one. Simply by a criteria that removing few design elements would lead to a shoe that is as functional and as good looking as the original.

  2. Omar El Amri

    An essential principle of good design is that the product has to be environmentally friendly. Also, it is preferable to make a product as affordable as possible. This shoe is made of leather, and is therefore neither environmentally friendly nor affordable. They did however perfect the aesthetics. There is an emerging market of extremely simplistic, white sneakers. Muji is said to enter the market this spring with both large and small sizes with their $35 cotton white sneakers. I think they will get it right and dominate the market.



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