Speaking of Anish Kapoor, I saw in the Museum of Contemporary Art store these beautifully designed espresso cups for illy. Of the piece, the manufacturer writes:

Anish Kapoor has played around with the illy cup and subverted its use: by placing the platinum saucer with the hole in the centre on the top, the flickering reflections become form and touch on themes such as doubt, ambivalence, error, mystery, surprise and the desire to understand.

Perhaps a bit pricey at $90, but nonetheless a gorgeous set of objects. Unknown to me until recently, illy have collaborated with many artists for their Art Collection range, including Minimalissimo-featured Daniel Buren, Marina Abromovic and Robert Rauschenberg.


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  1. I couldn’t find an appropriate place to say this on minimalissimo, but I shall be leaving this website and never to return. It is making me ill with want and to me that IS NOT the point of minimalism (Or a minimalist lifestyle) Sorry, stay cool MM.

  2. @Nick, sorry you feel that way, but I am pleased you find so many of our features desirable. Minimalissimo is a place to celebrate minimalism in design, not so much minimalist lifestyles people should adopt. We just want to share incredible minimalist works by designers for people who are looking to get inspired, whether that be fellow designers or individuals with an appreciation for minimalist design.



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