Toronto-based industrial designer Taodi has developed a rectilinear electric kettle which in its simplicity, solves the problem for those with limited kitchen counter space. Its dimensions of 15cm x 24cm x 5.6cm enables the typical volume of water in most cordless kettles. As described by Taodi:

This cordless kettle celebrates simplicity: water tank, handle, and power base; all are understated. However, when taken together as a whole, they quietly express the flow of water and power through the elements.

I love the concept of this kettle being minimalist in its appearance and still provides for a more efficient living. Its narrow form not only takes up less space, but will be easier to clean than other pitcher-shaped kettles. So sleek and clean in its exterior interface, this conceptual project is highly requested and Taodi is currently looking for partners to bring it into production.

Photos courtesy of Objects&Ideas.


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  1. Concepts, concepts, concepts. “More efficient living”. Seriously? “Easier to clean” – with all the straight angle crevices? A spout that drips, a handle that is uncomfortable. Sorry, Adele. I know you meant well and I appreciate the editorial, but I think this is typical Yanko Design material, not Minimalissimo’s.

  2. It might be a concept (rare for here), but I’d be very surprised if this design didn’t see production. Aesthetically, it’s a beautiful piece, but not sure it would be easier to clean than the pitcher-shaped kettles.

  3. Temperature control? As a coffee snob, I want the water at 200 degrees F, *not* boiling.

    I’m hoping to see one with embedded e-ink showing current temperature as though printed in the glossy white surface.

  4. Good Morning! Yes, a tea would be just great. Usually, I don’t like square minimalism just for the sake of it. This might be exactly what in my very small kitchen is missing now. A kettle that fits with other square devices like the induction stove, the sink, the kenwood and the microwave – this one might go, I almost never use it. I agree with Alex and Carl about the ‘easy to clean’ part: probably inside the corners should be round. Waiting for updates on this one. Compliments.

  5. Would rather not have someone confuse my teapot with a Wii or a fancy DVD player. Looks more apt to the entertainment cabinet than the kitchen.

  6. I’m sure the hydrodynamics of the spout could be controlled with an internal chamfer but the issue for me is the water to heating element surface area due to the small footprint. It looks like it would take an age to boil a full kettle. Stacked volume sensing elements?

  7. hi- i just spotted this kettle and i think its really cool. how do i go about buying one?

  8. Jennifer

    Love this’s so different! How much is it? Do you deliver to Australia??

  9. Hi
    Where I can buty Athos rect kettle?
    What is the price?

  10. Hi

    I asked about Taodi’s rectilinear kettle and system put different words…

    What is the possibility to buy it?


  11. Sheila Inskip

    Where csn I purchase this kettle .Whst is the pticr .
    Thank You.



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