100m3 is a Madrid apartment, created by studio MYCC. This urban dwelling is minimal, both aesthetically and spatially. The narrow pad is only 21 square meters in footprint, so designers had to explore vertical space and build several levels, creating a non-linear path. All functional zones are connected and open to view, even the bathroom is within sight. This openness contributes to the illusion of a much more generous size. The all-white colour choice is another smart way to visually expand the interior.

I love the flexibility of each room. The bed slides underneath the living zone, the office on top turns into a lounge area. Every segment doubles in function, creating more ways to experience this small space. Watch the animation, showing how the apartment functions in different social situations.


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  1. Oh I love this! As much as I love to look at images of gigantic empty minimal spaces, in Amsterdam and other large cities space is so scarce, and these tiny apartments are the reality!

  2. A wheely chair, on a guardless platform!? Accident waiting to happen.

  3. Excellent use of space with a beautiful interior. Pity there’s no privacy for the bathroom. Some kind of sliding door would do there.

  4. Living in a small apartment myself this is quite inspiring. Really nice execution. Agree with Carl on the bathroom privacy, there must be a clever solution for this.



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