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The Minimalissimo team would like to wish you all happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas. We appreciate all of our new and longstanding readers and we hope to continue featuring beautiful minimalist designs every single day of the coming year. It’s going to be an interesting one, with many exciting announcements. All the best! — Adele, Bronwyn, Carl, Gian Marco, Jana, Jillian, Jorge, Marina, Mateus, Melle, Nhat & Niels-Peter. This year’s little festive feature is courtesy of Joyce Croonen and her handmade ombre Christmas ornaments. If you’re still feeling creative, here’s how to make them: 1. Buy white ornaments or get some old ones in any light colour you happen to have lying around somewhere. 2. Hang the ornaments outside on a piece of rope so you can easily paint them. 3. Spray paint the old ornaments completely white (if you’ve bought white ones, skip this step). 4. Once they are dry, spray paint your way up with black paint. 5. Take your time: spray paint at the bottom and try to get the ombre effect by slowly enlarging the distance between the ornaments and the paint.

The Minimalissimo team would like to wish you all happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas. We appreciate all of our new and longstanding readers and we hope to continue featuring beautiful minimalist designs every single day of 2014. Thank you also for all your support and feedback this year. We always enjoy a good, passionate discussion. — Carl, Adele, Bronwyn, Jillian, Jorge, Marina, Melle, Natalia, Nhat & Niels-Peter. The simple and beautifully decorated tree you see featured is by Los Cabos based freelance graphic designer, Alejandrina Bessoberto. Her design blog is a favourite of ours, which often offers an insight into Ale’s incredibly stylish home.

I am sure many of you are now familiar with the wonderful publications of the Bristol based Cereal Magazine and their beautifully designed products. It is one of their newest products that I am sharing with you today, just in time for the Holidays. These simple, minimalist Cereal Christmas Cards feature two styles: a tree and a mountain design, each printed on 350gsm Arcowhite paper. The blank cards come in a set of four (two of each design) in a white cardboard box, including white envelopes. I wasted no time in getting these cards for myself, which actually look even better in person, and make for an ideal way of presenting one’s holiday message.

Cathérine Lovatt is a Belgian freelance ceramicist who’s portfolio of ceramic works has found me hugely impressed, particularly because of their minimalist aesthetic. Lovatt has designed for the likes of Serax, Domani and Belgoflor, and it is this beautiful collection of ceramic crockery for the Belgian company Serax, that I would like to share with you. Family Set, which includes plates, bowls, beakers, carafe and teapot, are made in stoneware clay consisting of six different basic forms based on the cylinder. Each piece from the collection is available for purchase through the Gosto online store. The teapot would make for a particularly good Christmas gift, in my opinion. Superb.

Following my personal Christmas tradition, on my last article of the year, I would like to wish you all Merry Chistmas and Happy New Year, hoping you enjoy our articles. Myself and the whole Minimalissimo team are very grateful for your readership and comments. So that is why today I bring you Teeasy – a minimalist Christmas Tree created by the Argentinian designer José Manuel Rebert. It arrives as a flat sheet of aluminium, which you then need to expand to create the desired tree effect.

Continuing his research into the meaning and use of colour in objects, Sebastian Bergne has made a small studio edition of a contemporary Colour Nativity set. Each of the characters is a minimal wooden block that is recognisable by it’s colour, proportion and place in the composition. Bergne says: The project makes use of our learned experience from exposure to thousands of images, toys and christmas cards over the years. The hand made and painted beech wooden blocks are stored in a box that completes its character as a toy set with a difference.This signed and numbered studio edition of 6 sets are available only through Sebastian Bergne website.

Coca-Cola wants to make it easier to recycle. So it makes perfect sense that they are turning bottles into chairs. Coca-Cola and furniture manufacturer Emeco partnered to re-engineer the original aluminum Emeco Navy Chair and develop the 111 Navy Chair. The 111 Navy Chair, which is less than 13 pounds, is composed of 111 recycled plastic bottles. Not a bad PR move. And apparently, Coca-Cola’s environmentally-friendly move requires three million plastic bottles recycled annually to develop Emeco’s chair. Learn what other designers, architects and creative professionals think about the 111 Chairs project. Keep recycling the little plastic bottle as a resource for future use. Either way, it’s a good bet I’ll stick with water. What can you build with 35 chairs? Ligne Roset’s Christmas tree includes 35 chairs of La Pliée by M-A Stiker-Metral. Whishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Though not the most minimalist posters out there, the reduction of the two cities into one poster series, Paris versus New York, by Vahram Muratyan, cofounder of ViiiZ, really hits the spot. Muratyan puts it most elegantly: A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York’s infinite details, clichés and contradictions : this way, please. Something that I know I’d love to receive for a Christmas gift this year!

Brevity. A form that assumes the semblance of a seat. Tom Dixon’s S-Chair, manufactured by Cappellini blurs the fine line between form and function. Tom Dixon explores new applications of traditional materials that evolve into design possibilities. The S-Chair is part of the collection of Museum of Modern Art in New York. The fluidity of the ergonomic S shape is gorgeous. A relaxed seating experience with straight forward design. The marsh straw version shows a connection of craft with art. Other options include funky white/black graphics and bold red, yellow and blue colors. Just functional? The chair can add color and funk to a minimalist space. Funky minimalism? Hey, it’s Friday and it’s Christmas Day. Have a Merry Christmas!

A new twist on an old tradition! Tannenboing is an aluminum, spiral Christmas tree. Tannenboing has over 200 small holes around the inside and outside edges, so you can still decorate the tree just like you would a ‘normal’ tree. It was designed by Michele Weingeist, and is so clean that it doesn’t take away from the ornaments hung on the tree. This also makes it ideal for shop owners with a need for a modern shop window to display their products. My interior is already so minimalist that I kind of like the old ‘busy’ Christmas tree for a change, but I know a few people who would love to have this style feat. Either way: Have a merry Christmas everybody!

December is really the month to search for a new calendar. Beverly Hsu, from Brookline, MA, USA , created this minimalist and even a bit abstract clean calendar for 2010. The calendar is letterpress printed and contains 12 different decorative types from various typecases. The idea is simple: each piece represents a day and a set of pieces represent a month, forming all together 2010. Although this is maybe not the most functional calendar, you can also put it as an art piece on your wall. A perfect Christmas present for the true minimalist! You can purchase the two versions Beverly created, a white and a black edition, at Etsy.

Get ready for a minimalist Christmas, with this hilarious nativity set by German artist Oliver Fabel! It consists of 11 hand-painted pieces, and comes in both German and English.