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  • Dieter Rams Documentary
    He is now 84 years old. He created a set of 10 everlasting Principles for Good Design and you have probably come across several of his more than 100 iconic pieces already: Dieter Rams. Can you imagine that no one has ever done a full feature documentary on the man who created the Vitsœ 606 shelving […]
    2016.06.27Jana Ahrens
  • Less and More
    Epitomising minimalism in all its everything, Dieter Rams and his work is a point of reference for many a designer. Less and More is an expertly curated lens on said work. His envious body of work stretches his curious beginnings in craftsmanship, through his studies of architecture and later, to his fascination with industrial design. […]
  • 621 Side Table
    Furniture manufacturer Vitsœ and German industrial designer Dieter Rams are likely to be familiar names to our readers. It is a wonderful collaboration between these two that I have the pleasure of sharing with you today — the 621 Side Table. Originally designed by Rams in 1962 for Vitsœ, it has been re-engineered in 2014 […]
  • Good Design
    As we get closer to closing 2011, I thought it would be worthwile to re-visit somebody who has been featured on Minimalissimo multiple times for his visionary approach in design that never goes of out style: German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Already in the early 1980s and as a chief designer for Braun, Dieter Rams […]
    2011.12.28Anna Korkobcova
  • 60s 606 is 50
    In 1960, when he was just 28, Dieter Rams designed the 606 Universal Shelving System for Vitsoe. Their New York store is currently celebrating its 50th anniversary in the form of an exhibition called 60s 606 is 50. In Dwell’s interview with Dieter Rams and Vitsoe’s managing director Mark Adams, Rams described the product by […]
    2011.06.07Adrian Clement
  • The Outline of Design
    (This is one of a series of two posts) Dieter Rams is a fan of Naoto Fukasawa’s approach to design. Japanese product designer, Naoto Fukasawa focuses on the relationship between people and objects and their surroundings. “My job is to determine the outline of an object and to design something
 that fits right into it.” […]
    2010.07.09Vicky Kaiser