Minimalissimo is a magazine that celebrates the best of minimalism in design from the past and present. We curate exciting, original and engaging work from both established names and talented newcomers. We aim to deliver to our readers a diverse understanding of minimalism, touching on many areas, including art, architecture, fashion, graphic, package, and industrial design.

Carl MH Barenbrug
Back to purity, back to simplicity.
Bronwyn Marshall
Undo one thing.
Gian Marco Tosti
Desiring little.
Jana Ahrens
Consider the context.
Jillian Japka
True design needs no ornamentation.
Jorge San Luis
Keep it simple, stupid!
Marina Esmeraldo
Less is yes.
Mateus Andrade
Be unafraid of absence.
Melle Wynia
Experience minimalism.
Nhat Vo
Minimalism isn't sterility.
Niels-Peter Foppen
The details make the difference.

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