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  • Equivalent VIII
    Speaking of the notion of ‘suchness’ in his book Zen and the Brian, James H. Austin notes: In Japanese, the word ‘sono-mama’ had long implied that something could stand as it is, untouched. In Chinese, the expressions ‘Chi-mo’ or ‘Shi-mo’ were used to mean ‘just so’, or ‘so it is.’ I open with this quote to […]
    2013.05.18Adrian Clement
  • Jil Sander FW13
    I was quite taken by the Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2013 collection presented at Milan in February, earlier this year. From the space in which the collection was presented, which featured a metallic polyhedron at its centre that danced light spectacularly onto the models, through to the idiosyncratic styling (simple makeup, slick-back hair) and the garments […]
    2013.04.20Adrian Clement
  • Yves Klein
    This week I have been reminded of the work of Yves Klein (1928-1962) who is perhaps best remembered as a painter of blue monochrome paintings. More specifically, he is known for the particular shade of blue paint employed in his paintings and sculptures, the trademarked International Klein Blue (IKB). But what has drawn my attention […]
    2013.03.23Adrian Clement
  • The Planes
    Chris Packer exhibited a series of paintings titled ‘The Planes’ for Factory 49 in February in what’s known as the ‘Office Space’; for the same duration, I exhibited a new project in the ‘Showroom’. The paintings were white canvases with cotton tape arranged geometrically across them; the cotton tape was white on the outside, but […]
    2013.03.09Adrian Clement
  • Conditions
    By now, there are plenty of minimalist weather apps for the iPhone, including WTHR, Blue and Solar just to name a few. But here’s another one by Jake Marsh called Conditions. Dead simple, the app shows the current weather and a five day forecast (although this can be hidden so that only the current weather […]
    2013.02.23Adrian Clement
  • Air Chair
    Jasper Morrison designed his iconic Air Chair for production by Magis in 2001. I recently bought a few of these for my new apartment and it surprises me how well the design has held up over the years. Coining—in conjunction with Takashi Okutani—the term ‘super normal’ to describe the kind of work he aims to produce […]
    2013.02.09Adrian Clement
  • Jil Sander Fall 13 Menswear
    Until this week, I had missed Dana Thomas’ profile for the Wall Street Journal on Jil Sander and her return to her eponymous label (written last November). Thomas’ piece helped me understand that Jil Sander’s latest three collections (Spring 2013 Menswear, Spring 2013 Womenswear and now Fall 2013 Menswear) are attempts at steering the brand back towards […]
    2013.01.26Adrian Clement
  • Anish Kapoor for illy
    Speaking of Anish Kapoor, I saw in the Museum of Contemporary Art store these beautifully designed espresso cups for illy. Of the piece, the manufacturer writes: Anish Kapoor has played around with the illy cup and subverted its use: by placing the platinum saucer with the hole in the centre on the top, the flickering […]
    2013.01.12Adrian Clement
  • Tempo
    Undoubtedly many of us have been keeping an eye on the time during our New Year celebrations, and so I thought it fitting (being the first post of 2013 here on Minimalissimo) to feature this beautiful impetus for reading the time. Designed by Minimalissimo-favorite Naoto Fukasawa for production by Magis in 2011, Tempo is a […]
    2013.01.01Adrian Clement
  • Sky Mirror
    I first saw the work of Anish Kapoor at GOMA for the 2007 Asia Pacific Triennial. It left a very deep impression on me, and I am fortunate to have had another experience of his work just this week at his current exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. Kudos to the curatorial […]
    2012.12.29Adrian Clement
  • Ring Cycle
    I first saw the work of Magda Cebokli (a Polish-born abstract artist living and working in Melbourne, drawing on her experience in psychology) at an exhibition called Shelf Life at Delmar Gallery, just around the corner from my house. I was pleasantly surprised to see her paintings, and happy to report that Cebokli has been responsible for […]
    2012.12.15Adrian Clement
  • Richard Long
    Richard Long (b. 1945) is an English artist working in the mediums of painting, photography and sculpture. He is perhaps best known as a land artist, and the works featured here derive from this genre. Beautiful installations of natural material, including rock and bark, arranged in meticulous geometric forms. Whether situated in modern or old buildings, outdoors […]
    2012.12.01Adrian Clement
  • Clear
    Realmac Software in collaboration with Helftone and Impending have collaborated on a Mac version of the now well-known iPhone application Clear. Popular for its minimalist and gestural interface, Clear succeeds at doing a small amount of features exceedingly well. Suitable for those looking for an alternative to heavy weight GTD systems, such as OmniFocus or […]
    2012.11.17Adrian Clement
  • Jil Sander SS13
    In two collections back at her eponymous label, Jil Sander has swiftly reclaimed her brand with her idiosyncratic style of minimalism. This means—of course—that the progressive work of Raf Simons at the brand has been pushed almost entirely aside, in favour of a stripped down, comparably bare-bones approach. Even the stark white stage is indicative of […]
    2012.11.03Adrian Clement
  • Black Paintings
    Ad Reinhardt (b. 1913-1967) is often associated with the Abstract Expressionist movement of New York, but like Barnett Newman, his work often defies this categorisation, and is now considered a big influence on minimal art and monochrome painting. He is perhaps best known for his so-called ‘black paintings’. At first, these works seem to be black […]
    2012.10.20Adrian Clement
  • Christian Dior Spring 2013 Ready to Wear
    I’ve made this point several times before, but the latest collection for Dior says it well: Raf Simons has a incredible understanding of minimalism and modernism. Balanced with his spirit of subversiveness, his work retains this basis whilst propelling it forward into something fresh. The result could hardly be called minimalist, but minimalism underpins the […]
    2012.10.06Adrian Clement
  • Malin+Goetz
    Malin+Goetz are a family-owned skincare company based in New York. Their products are suitable for everybody, especially those (like myself, unfortunately) with sensitive skin. I have been using products from their range for the last couple of months, and so far I have been very impressed with how well they work. Many of you may […]
    2012.09.08Adrian Clement
  • Cardboard Clutch
    Pieces from Raf Simons‘ final menswear collection for Jil Sander (Autumn/Winter 2012) have now made their appearance in retail stores. Fittingly, many of the now iconic items are selling like hotcakes, particularly the gorgeous whale and dinosaur sweaters made from a luxurious blend of camel wool. The one accessory that has caught my eye (and […]
    2012.08.25Adrian Clement
  • The Logic of Vision
    Until September 9, photographer Jacky Redgate is exhibiting a collection of work at the Art Gallery of New South Wales under the title, The Logic of Vision. My favourite piece from the show is Untitled, vase shape #1-#5 from 1986-1989, where black objects are placed on black backgrounds (wooden stands which act as both plinths and […]
    2012.08.11Adrian Clement
  • Hiroshi Sugimoto for Hermès
    Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto collaborated with Hermès to produce a gorgeous limited edition of 140 scarves printed with images from Sugimoto’s Colors of Shadow, originally created using a Polaroid camera. The project is the culmination of years of research and work that is wonderfully recounted by Sugimoto on the Hèrmes website (I highly recommend you read the full story; it’s fascinating). […]
    2012.07.28Adrian Clement
  • Uniqlo
    It struck me, reading Fast Company’s recent profile of Tadashi Yanai and his company Uniqlo, just how minimalist the Unique Clothing Warehouse really is. Yes, I’d be a fool to admit that the brand embodies the aesthetics of minimalism entirely (have one look at their website), but also wrong to omit the small and large […]
    2012.07.14Adrian Clement
  • Prada Spring/Summer 2013
    According to Suzy Menkes in the New York Times, Miuccia Prada’s primary aim with her Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection was to start from scratch. Decorative elements and accessorizing are pared back almost to nothing, giving full precedence to the flat and strictly geometric garments and the sparse modernist white ramps the models walked on. Fittingly, […]
    2012.06.30Adrian Clement
  • Eames Moulded Plastic Chairs
    In 1948, Charles and Ray Eames presented their first collection of moulded plastic chairs at the New York Museum of Modern Art during the International Competition for the Design of Low-Cost Furniture. The competition focused on: The need for well-designed, moderately priced furnishings for the vast majority of people; furnishings that could be easily moved, […]
    2012.06.16Adrian Clement
  • Milkstones
    German artist Wolfgang Laib is well known for his sculptures known as Milkstones. These works consist of a block of marble containing very shallow depressions that are filled with milk. The combination and contrast of materials and textures make the tactility of the work quite vivid, even if you haven’t (myself included), seen these in person. […]
    2011.07.12Adrian Clement