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  • Optical Glass House
    Featuring a home in Hiroshima, Japan by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP. The Optical Glass house offers a welcoming, tranquil atmosphere rarely seen in such perfect combination with contemporary and minimal interior architecture. I love the simplicity in the execution of materiality, layout, solidity of forms and large scale geometric elements such as the wood storage wall […]
    2013.01.16Anna Korkobcova
  • Tavira House
    Today we are featuring a house in Tavira, Portugal by Vitor Vilhena and photographed by Joao Morgado. The house is built around the original old building’s footprint and consists of two parts. Both parts are created through different architectural forms, one with sculpted geometry, the other with systematic, regular geometry but they communicate with a […]
    2013.01.02Anna Korkobcova
  • Wenders and Ando
    Today I would like to feature Donata Wenders‘ photography of a world renowned architect Tadao Ando. In her bio Wenders mentions that she doesn’t direct her subjects, instead she observes and looks to showcase genuine expressions, body language, posture and appearance. Wenders develops an intimate communication between her subject and her lenses that is effortlessly passed on […]
    2012.12.19Anna Korkobcova
  • Soldati House
    The Soldati House by Victor Vasilev is located in Carrara, Italy. It is a family home covering 530 sq.m over three floors. The owners wished for ultramodern and Milanese look but with contemporary domestic environment where function was not left behind. The featured element of square volumes is highly visible throughout: the geometry of a fireplace, sunken […]
    2012.11.28Anna Korkobcova
  • Wasara
    Designed in Japan in 2008 by Shinichiro Ogata of SIMPLICITY. Wasara is made out of 100% tree-free renewable materials (sugar cane fiber, bamboo, and reed pulp) and all Wasara products are biodegradable and compostable. The pieces are usable for both cold and hot food and are also oil and water resistant. They are extremely pleasant […]
    2012.11.14Anna Korkobcova
  • The Perfect Blend
    Today I would like to highlight a fashion editorial featuring Andrea Klarin for Pierre Cardin and photographed by Paul & Jo Figaro. We have seen editorials captured in gorgeous settings before but this particular one is a perfect blend of fashion and architecture. As a viewer I am equally intrigued by the clothes and the […]
    2012.10.31Anna Korkobcova
  • Casa Iporanga
    Lately I have been slightly obsessed with the work of photographer James Silverman. His ability to capture spatial qualities and light conditions of stunning homes around the world is endless. Today I would like to go back in time a little, featuring project from 2006 and designed by one of my all time favorite architects, […]
    2012.10.17Anna Korkobcova
  • Muriel Grateau Gallery
    Featuring the freshly updated Muriel Grateau Gallery in Paris, France. Part gallery, part boutique it is place where contrasts play nice next to each other. Simplicity  in the most-tested form provides solid background for colorful objects in vivid tones Grateu is famous for. Visitors are welcome to absorb the display of extremely well-curated objects and one […]
    2012.10.03Anna Korkobcova
  • Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa
    Featuring Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa in Torres del Paine, Chile. The award-winning hotel is immersed in the landscape and emerges from the hillside, with views of the Torres del Paine National Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978. The architecture and interiors maximize the use of wood which exudes warmth, safety and protection. […]
    2012.09.19Anna Korkobcova
  • Feldbalz House
    The Fealdbalz House, 2,900 square foot tri-level family home (also referred to as a sculpture) overlooking the Lake of Zurich, Switzerland was built by Gus Wustemann Architects and was created to accommodate both the private as well as public life of its occupants. The upper level was set-up for parents, while the lowest level, opened to the outdoor patio […]
    2012.09.05Anna Korkobcova
  • Pigeon Toe Ceramics
    Today I would like to highlight the work of Pigeon Toe ceramics studio based in Industrial North Portland, Oregon. Founded four years ago by Lisa Jones, the studio has already gained a following of enthusiasts, who appreciate beauty of a craft and embrace not only the finished product but the story of a maker behind […]
    2012.08.08Anna Korkobcova
  • Agnes Martin (1912-2004)
    Agnes Martin was a Canadian born, Vancouver raised artist who came to the United States at the age of 20, where she lived for most of her life. Influenced by the vast landscape she grew up surrounded by and by artists such as Mark Rothko, Donald Judd and Barnett Newman, her spare, paired down artistic style is often […]
    2012.07.25Anna Korkobcova
  • National Tourist Route
    Norwegian Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter recently finished a National Tourist Route Rv 889 in Havoysund, Norway. The objective was to magnify visitors’ experience of walking from the roadside down to the seaside. The winding concrete ramp does not only allow universal accessibility but becomes an integral part of the journey. It slows down visitors in a measured, restrained approach […]
    2012.07.11Anna Korkobcova
  • Sonoma Spa Retreat
    Aidlin Darling Design have been my favorite San Francisco based architects for quite a long time. With a portfolio filled with one stunning project after the next, it is easy to see why. I have chosen to highlight the Sonoma Spa Retreat as it has become somewhat an iconic project to which I often return to for inspiration. […]
    2012.06.27Anna Korkobcova
  • The Roof House
    Featuring the ‘Roof House’ Proposal by Betillon/Dorval-Bory Architects submitted in the competition in Chiba, Japan. The eight proposed homes are based around the reinvention of something we are all familiar with – the concept of a roof. The project experiments not only with a space itself but also the human body in it, therefore opens […]
    2012.06.13Anna Korkobcova
  • Govaert & Vanhoutte
    The dynamic Belgium architecture firm Govaert & Vanhoutte was recently featured on Minimalissimo with their amazing Villa Roces and when browsing through their website I couldn’t resist highlighting a couple more of their interior projects. However, I highly suggest visiting their portfolio which is filled with modern, minimal designs. One of the projects you see on the […]
    2012.06.01Anna Korkobcova
  • Hotel Habita MTY
    I hope you are willing to travel with me today and explore a little magic that is hotel Habita MTY. Located in the northern part of Mexico in Monterey and with a view of the Sierra Madre mountains, the hotel is a stunning result of collaborative work by architect Agustin Landa and interior designer Joseph Dirand. […]
    2012.05.16Anna Korkobcova
  • CO-OP at Barneys
    Featuring the newly unveiled CO-OP at Barneys, New York designed by the always surprising creative force Yabu Pushelberg. The concept behind Boy Meets Girl Barneys CO-OP is driven by merging the men’s and women’s sections and introducing a brand new cafe Genes@CO-OP into the space. By looking at the streamlined, modern and almost gallery-like design, equipped with […]
    2012.05.02Anna Korkobcova
    Featuring my friends over at THRIVE Los Angeles, a fashion house founded by two technology innovators Rob Meadows and Ali Shahriyari. Under the creative direction of a designer Cem Cako, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Thrive’s Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection is stunning in its mature design, smart craft and flawless execution. […]
    2012.04.04Anna Korkobcova
  • Cavo Tagoo Hotel
    Cavo Tagoo hotel is located in Mykonos Island in Greece and it is owned by an award-winning architect Paris Liakos. Cavo Tagoo  strives to be “a canvas upon which visitors can color their dreams” and it has deservedly gained its 5-star status through minimal and sophisticated design. A sense of craft and luxury is visible in all […]
    2012.03.07Anna Korkobcova
  • Le Marche Villa
    My friends, hold on to your hats because today I am taking you to a breathtaking villa in Le Marche, to what seems to be a hidden jewel in Italy. Converted into a vacation home with a guest house, Casa Olivi is located on a hill in Treia and is a result of a 4-year […]
    2012.02.22Anna Korkobcova
  • The Openhouse
    We are going to Hollywood Hills today, visiting home built in 2008 by XTEN Architecture. As always I particularly love the integration of architecture into the landscape while opening it to the city below. There is a lot to notice but let’s have a closer look at the materiality throughout: steel beams, glass in various renditions […]
    2012.02.08Anna Korkobcova
  • Vincent Van Duysen
    Vincent Van Duysen is a Belgium architect whose work I’ve been drawn to for quite a while. It was almost too difficult to select only one of his projects to be featured here today and therefore here is a selection of my favorite spaces he designed. The use of singular element, frequently in a large […]
    2012.01.25Anna Korkobcova
  • Good Design
    As we get closer to closing 2011, I thought it would be worthwile to re-visit somebody who has been featured on Minimalissimo multiple times for his visionary approach in design that never goes of out style: German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Already in the early 1980s and as a chief designer for Braun, Dieter Rams […]
    2011.12.28Anna Korkobcova