Benoit Raimbault

  • Yuna Kim
    The purpose of minimalism is to expose the essence of a design by eliminating all non-essential forms, features and concepts. In web design, minimalism erases potential distractions and strips away elements into their most basic forms. Yuna Kim‘s use of elementary shapes helps to organize her portfolio and goes perfectly with her personal logo. This […]
  • (un)defined space
    Matthias Schade was born in 1984 in Berlin, Germany. His latest work is a series of photographs named (un)defined space — an investigation of urban space. An investigation of our living environment. Schade explains the concept behind the series: Contrary to the daily natural perception of urban space, my artworks of the (un)defined space series offer […]
  • Seascapes
    For more than thirty years, Hiroshi Sugimoto has produced series of highly refined black and white photographs. His subjects, which include movie theaters and drive-ins, natural history dioramas, waxworks, and seascapes, provoke fundamental questions about the relationship of photography and time while exploring the mysterious and ineffable nature of reality. Hiroshi Sugimoto was born in […]
  • Lilith Rockett
    Studio potter Lilith Rockett started her career in ceramics in Los Angeles before moving to Portland. Her work, created by hand on the potter’s wheel, reveals a deep interest in the subtle qualities of the material: translucency, fluidity, density, and the velvety softness of an unglazed polished surface. Minimal in both form and surface, her […]
  • Katra
    Aparte is a French design agency who recently presented a prototype of their paper-thin Katra chair, made of ramie fiber. Katra is inspired by the intrinsic qualities of the material from which it is made. Formed from a composite consisting primarily of ramie, the material offers superior strength, lightness and durability. Katra’s design reflects these […]
  • Birillo
    Birillo by Alessi, is the ultimate no-mess bathroom set. It is made up of 10 minimally designed bathroom accoutrements assembled out of imperfect squares and wrong circles, according to the designer, Piero Lissoni. And while they are clearly designed to camouflage themselves, items like the soap dish can’t help but stand out as particularly pleasing […]
  • Solid Gray
    It’s not every day you come across a real innovation in backpacks. Solid Gray is a solid backpack to carry and protect your personal items. These bags feature a minimal folding hardshell design, EPDM foam lining and straps for keeping your tablet or laptop safe and secure, two interior compartments for keeping small items handy, […]
  • Jean Clock
    Designed by Pierre Favresse, Jean is a small and minimal bubble of time, a dome of lightness struggling with weight, a 21st century digital tribute to the mechanical heaviness of Napoleonic clocks beneath bell jars. Edited by Super-ette, Jean is as precious as the symbolic values, which vary between contrasting functional and playful, light and […]
  • Animali Domesticki
    French designer Jean-Sébastien Poncet and ÉSÉ present a series of abstracted wooden animals based on an extremely simple and minimal concept. Pieces of wood, cut in simple geometries, are put together in order to create archetypal animal forms, a doe, cow, bull, rabbit or a stag. The resulting objects recall the impromptu toys of our […]
  • bs 50 Tribute
    To mark the occasion of its 60th birthday, the well known speaker manufacturer Elipson is honoring the landmark models that have shaped its history. The first speaker to gain fame was the famous bs 50, an acronym for its full name Staff Ball, 50 cm diameter. Designed in 1953, the bs 50 was created for […]
  • Shelf System A
    Beautiful and minimal shelf system developed by artist Liam Gillick. Throughout modern history, artists and architects have created their own furniture, or appropriated industrial objects, to satisfy their own needs and to demonstrate their vision for an improved way of life. The work of Liam Gillick breaks through the genre- and media-specific boundaries of the […]
  • Colour Nativity
    Continuing his research into the meaning and use of colour in objects, Sebastian Bergne has made a small studio edition of a contemporary Colour Nativity set. Each of the characters is a minimal wooden block that is recognisable by it’s colour, proportion and place in the composition. Bergne says: The project makes use of our […]