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Consider the context.
  • Daniele de Batté
    Letting spectators in on your process of design is not a common thing to do. But we are lucky that Genoa-based artist Daniele de Batté invites us to do just that. Daniele is a graphic designer and co-founder of studio Artiva. But his work for Artiva is based on a beautiful study of shapes and […]
    2017.01.16Jana Ahrens
  • Maven Watches
    Modern watch brand Maven is very much inspired by its birthplace, Hong Kong. Here, natural landscapes and urban architecture coexist in harmony and beauty. Consequently Maven created two lines which both blend natural materials and haptics with contemporary technology, while each of the two lines focusses on a different aspect of this liaison. The Enduring […]
    2017.01.09Jana Ahrens
  • I is Another
    The completion of our identity, a way to create symmetry and hence the reflection of our own selves in the way we dress: That is what Leonie Barth found in the concept of the mirror when graduating from University for Applied Sciences in Bielefeld with the immaculate collection I is Another. In her debut Leonie […]
    2017.01.02Jana Ahrens
  • Smart Blur
    German product designer Antje Pesel’s inspiration oscillates between her fascination for everyday objects with reduced geometries and essential designs that still manage to convey emotion. So she creates pieces that are versatile and simple, but always incorporate a surprising twist that’s never an unnecessary decoration or a gadget. The line Smart Blur is a set of […]
    2016.12.26Jana Ahrens
  • Slava Varsovia 16/17
    With a stunning Autumn/Winter 16/17 collection Slava Varsovia returns to its idiosyncratic focus on black and white tones after a little detour to cream colours for a no less beautiful limited edition. This season, designer Anna Szydlowska started the creative process with the exploration of particular materials: Soft velour, delicate suede, thin, graphic, pleated materials […]
    2016.12.19Jana Ahrens
  • Melitta Baumeister SS17
    Melitta Baumeister‘s work appears regularly on Minimalissimo. And whoever had a closer look at her work knows why: It is bold, it is clear, it is idiosyncratic and minimalist at the same time. The designer challenges perceptions of fashion and beauty. She comes from an idea of displaying a form of strength that still needs […]
    2016.12.12Jana Ahrens
  • Round Bottom Bag
    In minimalist design, accessory is not only seen as fashion but quite often also primarily perceived as an object surrounded by space. A beautiful example in this context is the Round Bottom Bag, designed by Tokyo-based studio id inc. for ke shi ki. It was created not only considering its look while being worn but […]
    2016.12.05Jana Ahrens
  • Sartorial Monk
    There are rare moments in writing about fashion when you want to use as few words as possible because the images and the style — in this case even the name of the brand — speak for themselves. Sartorial Monk is a project that’s only in its second collection, conceived by Italian designer and tailor […]
    2016.11.28Jana Ahrens
  • Studio August
    One more time, let’s turn our eyes eastward for linear, profoundly minimalist fashion design with character. Äli Kargoja left her home country to first gain experience at the atelier of Nicolas Andreas Taralis in Paris, and later at Maison Martin Margiela in New York. After this process of learning, she returned home to Estonia to […]
    2016.11.21Jana Ahrens
  • Attributes Bracelets
    It’s that time of year again: December is approaching, the days are getting shorter and most of us are already thinking about the best Christmas gifts for our loved ones. Many of you are probably thinking about getting something of high quality, a pure and timeless design, created by true craftsmen. The bracelets by Attributes might be […]
    2016.11.14Jana Ahrens
  • Air Aroma
    It’s amazing how vividly we are able to experience brand concepts from our own living room these days. Stunning images, delightful movies and bewitching brand stories are delivered right to our screens in seconds. But there is one sense not being stimulated in that context, a sense that goes right to our brains, touching our […]
    2016.10.31Jana Ahrens
  • MAX.TAN SS17
    Modified and deconstructed shapes, as well as a rebellious attitude, have always played a big role in the design of Singapore based fashion brand MAX.TAN. For Spring/Summer 2017 the design team chose to deconstruct androgyny. Which means that it’s not all about dressing women in men’s clothes or vice versa. Androgyny is more than just […]
    2016.10.17Jana Ahrens
  • Coltrane
    Quiet and understated: that is a description we’ve heard pretty often when it comes to minimalist fashion. But honestly, having a look at the latest Coltrane collection, these words take on a totally new meaning. They are transcended into a feeling of soft and warm effortlessness that is very tempting to dive into and never […]
    2016.10.10Jana Ahrens
  • Objest
    London based lifestyle brand Objest has a mission: create thoughtful, personal design without being too serious about it. The focus on high quality objects with a playful twist is what constitutes their name. Objest’s latest collection of wristwatches demonstrates that it is actually possible to take care of material honesty, simplicity and clarity while keeping […]
    2016.10.03Jana Ahrens
  • Bao Yao Fei
    The Hague based fashion designer Bao Yao Fei is a true discovery. Usually, writing an article on a designer with compelling images or exciting concepts starts with extensive Google research. With newcomer Bao Yao Fei this led to a very meagre result. But the few connections that could be made already showed a striking know-how […]
    2016.09.26Jana Ahrens
  • – +
    Vilde Moen Hudson is a graphic designer based in Norway, who achieved a BA in both her home country as well as in the UK. About her work, she says that it’s considerably affected by the respective national style influences. Balancing those two, Hudson published a book called – + which tries to convey a definition […]
    2016.09.19Jana Ahrens
  • Whyd Speaker
    Quoting Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci in a product’s design history is an ambitious statement, especially when referring to modern sound devices. But still, the team of Whyd did exactly that. And they chose the right quotes to make us understand why. Quality is not an act. It is a habit. — Aristotle Although I haven’t […]
    2016.09.12Jana Ahrens
  • Point Line
    Straight to the point: That’s the new approach Agata Bieleń found for her current collection, Point Line. The Polish contemporary jewellery designer made it her specialty to examine the line in three-dimensional space. This time she had a look at it from the front, and what she found was the point, the circle, and subsequently […]
    2016.09.05Jana Ahrens
  • Article & Goods
    San Francisco based designer and founder Sam Chen grew up surrounded by people working with fabrics and in fashion. He was taught how to hand sew at a very young age and he regularly visited his seamstress mother at a garment factory. This upbringing motivated him to build a successful career in the fashion industry. […]
    2016.08.29Jana Ahrens
  • L.W.B. by LIFEwithBIRD
    Great minds think alike. But it’s even better when great minds choose to put their energy into a shared idea and then focus on where their minds work differently. Everyone brings something individual to the table as is the case with Bridget McCall and Nikolas van Messner, who established Melbourne based fashion brand LIFEwithBIRD together […]
    2016.08.22Jana Ahrens
  • KLIPP Clock
    Architecture, interior, objects: As soon as a designer — or in this case a trained architect — has found a style, an individual form of expression, working in the above categories mainly differs in terms of complexity, not so much in terms of accessibility. Furthermore, it is very easy to grasp why an architect might […]
    2016.08.15Jana Ahrens
  • Berayah SS16
    Especially in a fast-paced design environment like fashion, it is important for creatives to constantly hark back to their most personal inspirations, their own story, to stay confident and idiosyncratic. This means opening up in a way that can be quite challenging. For Hong Kong-based womenswear designer Enoch Ho this means relying on his faith. […]
    2016.08.08Jana Ahrens
  • Jil Sander SS17 Menswear
    Wide-meshed light sweaters complementing classic shirts, purist leather jackets and coats taking the role of blazers: these seem to be the building blocks of the Jil Sander SS17 menswear collection. The sweaters are neatly tucked in and layered with the aforementioned leather jackets, as well as clean lined trench coats and blousons that were stripped […]
    2016.08.01Jana Ahrens
  • Monbento
    In Minimalism, it’s the little things that count. Which doesn’t mean that it’s all about fancy details one would discover on second glance. Instead, it’s the little things that accompany us every single day. The things that are as mundane and as practical as the box for your lunch and your travel food. If such things are […]
    2016.07.25Jana Ahrens