Jorge San Luis

  • Kuvaro
    The Kuvaro project was born out of the idea of fusing simplicity, through well studied shapes; strength, through the use of materials; and harmony, ultimately seeking to balance form and function in a clear, sharp statement of minimalism. These are the words of Friedrich Schmidt and Adrian Sabau, the product designers behind Kuvaro, a company […]
    2015.11.20Jorge San Luis
  • Hobbel
    I really appreciate the exercise of design that manages to update something traditional in the simplest way possible, and a perfect example of this is Hobbel, a wonderful project by Dutch designer Remko Verhaagen for Rotterdam-based multi-disciplinary design studio Blooey. Hobbel captures extraordinarily well the essence and the shape of a rocking horse, using minimalist and clean lines, through a […]
    2015.10.23Jorge San Luis
  • Tribute to Adrian Frutiger
    On 10 September 2015, Swiss typeface designer Adrian Frutiger sadly passed away. Creator of some of the most used typefaces ever, such as Univers, Frutiger and Avenir, he influenced the direction of digital typography in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. Design studio Heury & Heury have made a wonderful Tribute to Adrian […]
    2015.10.09Jorge San Luis
  • Royal National Theatre
    Considerated one of the most notable and finest examples of Brutalist architecture in the United Kingdom, the Royal National Theatre, located on London’s South Bank and completed in 1976, is an astonishing design by the English architect, Denys Lasdum. The National Theatre stands out by a series of individual and enormous concrete blocks on different levels and layers, which […]
    2015.09.25Jorge San Luis
  • HiddenHUB
    If HiddenRadio is one our favourite products ever, HiddenHUB is going to be another. It is the amazing new project of HIDDEN, led by industrial designers John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria, which is having enormous success on its funding through Kickstarter right now. Wireless high definition audio meets timeless industrial design, is how the designers describe […]
    2015.09.19Jorge San Luis
  • UM
    Inspired by the minimal art classics, UM stands as an interactive light sculpture, explains Guilherme Wentz, the Brazilian designer behind this elegant and minimalist lamp, created for the Brazilian lighting company, Lumini. Fixed to a turntable on the wall, the user can rotate the lamp to appreciate different light positions. It is a simple way to interact with the […]
    2015.09.11Jorge San Luis
  • En yu-An
    En yu-An is a minimalist and multi-purpose installation designed by the Japanese studio Fumihiko Sano for Maruwakaya, a company working on Japanese contemporary culture, specialising in monozukuri, which can be loosely translated as the art of making things. The installation is formed by a continued wooden structure featuring a long table in the center of […]
    2015.08.28Jorge San Luis
  • Muji Kitchen Appliances
    We are delighted to introduce the latest work of one of our favourite designers, Tokyo-based Naoto Fukasawa, who has just designed an extremely beautiful and minimalistic collection of kitchen appliances, including a toaster and kettle for a brand Minimalissimo has come to love — Muji. The toaster’s aesthetic is wonderful and stands out by its round edges and its flat sides. Situated on […]
    2015.08.14Jorge San Luis
  • Archiblocks
    Building blocks are a toy box staple. They encourage creativity and help develop imagination. Designed by Laurence Calafat for Cinqpoints, a French maker of architectural stationery and toys, Archiblocks is a tremendously beautiful and minimalist construction set of building blocks. The mission of Cinqpoints is to spread contemporary architecture, so Archiblocks is designed to capture modularity, […]
    2015.07.31Jorge San Luis
  • Hocker Heinrich
    Hocker Heinrich is a precise, elegant and minimalist stool, hand-made in Berlin and designed by Panatom with Matthias Froböse. The first edition of the stool has been appointed to the permanent collection at Kleist-Museum in Frankfurt (Oder). Its geometry produces an interesting effect on light and shadow, creating a game of shifting perspectives depending on the angle of observation. […]
    2015.07.17Jorge San Luis
  • LinePosters
    LinePosters is a lovely collection of modern, minimal and graphic interpretations of popular city transit systems, created by graphic designer, Cayla Ferari and engineer, John Breznichy. The first poster began with an illustration of the NYC subway designed by Cayla for their first apartment together. Then, after receiving compliments and encouragement from family and friends, they designed a first […]
    2015.07.03Jorge San Luis
  • Courtyard House
    Located in a relaxed area in rural Shiga, Japan, the Japanese studio FORM/Kouichi Kimura architects has developed this beautifully structured family residence; Courtyard House. We invited the architects to tell us a little more about the project: Designed to form a U-shaped building with a courtyard, which secures privacy, the house was requested to incorporate with […]
    2015.06.19Jorge San Luis