Maarten P. Kappert

  • Naked Shapes
    Naked Shapes is an exhibition of aluminum Japanese household objects from the first half of the 20th century, cleaned of dirt and any sort of make-up such as paint, labels or other excess decoration. The objects were collected over the years by industrial designer Seiji Onishi, gallerist Keiichi Sumi and graphic designer Nobuhiro Yamaguchi. A […]
  • Curt
    A beautiful minimalist thought: to use qualities of the environment as part of your design, so you can leave out parts that you would otherwise consider fundamental. In this case, the Curt deck chair by Swiss design studio BERNHARD | BURKARD, uses leaning to do away with the minimum requirement of a third leg on […]
  • Sacos de papel
    Annett Bourquin and Kerstin Greve are designers from Lisbon, Portugal. Under the label of ANVE, they create objects that take their time, and become more beautiful with life. Their Sacos de papel bags are particularly interesting. Although the association with an ordinary brown paper bag is easily made (Sacos de papel even means paper bags), […]
  • Oak
    This is Oak, the result of an extracurricular, collaborative student workshop at Lund University School of Industrial Design, Sweden. The goal: to explore archetypes and stereotypes in the world of furniture. The group developed a range of independent pieces, but which are actually impressively coherent. Of course it helps that they’re all made from the […]
  • Rocker
    This is Rocker, a super stylish minimalist rocking horse created by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien of London based Doshi Levien design office, for German furniture manufacturer Richard Lampert. The designers intentionally shied away from a figurative form in order to spark the imagination of children. An interesting effect of minimalist design: by leaving out […]
  • Datamatics
    Ryoji Ikeda is one of the most innovative electronic musicians who has a worldwide impact on electronic music development. The Paris based Japanese artist is one of the earliest to reduce electronic music to sheer ultrasonics, frequencies and tonal variations. His work has been internationally exhibited, toured and released. Datamatics is a series of work […]
  • Guerrero House
    This is one gorgeous house. Guerrero House, located at Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain, was designed by the famous Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza. The play on light, space and proportion is extraordinary. A small opening in an 8 meter high square wall is the only entrance. Center of the house is the 9 […]
  • Marilyn
    With spring on its way here in Amsterdam, we open the doors to our gardens again, eager to sit outside in the sun. What better way to do just that than in a chaise longue? This lounge bed, Marilyn, was designed by Spanish architect Borja Abellán and designer Nacho Soler for a furniture contest. Abellán, […]
  • Mental Disorder posters
    One of our readers just sent this in: British designer Patrick Smith (a.k.a. Graphic Patrick) made some pretty nice minimalist posters about mental disorders. Apparently, Smith was doing some research about mental health when he came across a list of mental disorders and got inspired. My personal pref goes out to Agoraphobia. Yours? (Thx, Stefano!)
  • Tea Trolley 901
    This birch wood tea trolley was designed by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto all the way back in 1936. It debuted at the at the Paris World’s Fair in 1937. Aalto designed this cart for residential use. He placed it in the living room of the Villa Mairea (1937-1939). It is based on an earlier serving […]
  • Stop The Water While Using Me!
    I love the two-tone, type-only design of the Stop The Water While Using Me! packaging almost as much as I love the concept. The designers, German agency KOREFE (Kolle Rebbe Form und Entwicklung), were given one dream of an assignment: Develop a brand for a high-quality range of cosmetics that meet the increasing requirements of […]
  • Monsieur
    A proper reading lamp is essential when you want to read a book. Designers Tom Allen, Christian Vivanco and Yago Rodriguez form Barcelona’s The Emotion Lab. They developed Monsieur, a reading lamp designed to creating an intimate and personal atmosphere around your reading chair. With a single arm movement you can adjust its position, so […]