• Twins
    Twins is a pair of homes designed by WOJR: Organization for Architecture. The upstate New York homes, devised for two brothers, are at once similar and distinct. Both use the same materials and share a common aesthetic, yet one is shaped as a polygon while the other is a hexagon. The unique, geometric structures rest on an open, flat […]
    2015.11.26Jillian Japka
  • Hutong House Renovation
    Unlike original projects, with all the benefits of a blank slate, a renovation project must deal with various heritages spread throughout. Some elements are going to be blessings in disguise, while others will limit the architect’s work and force them to work around them. For a renovation for Hutong House in Beijing, ARCHSTUDIO took no […]
    2015.11.24Mateus Andrade
  • Courtyard of the House
    Courtyards have long been a focus of residential architecture. From Italian courtyards designed to circulate air to the gardens of Japanese courtyards that brought nature into the home. Courtyard of the House follows this long tradition with an elegant and modern home centred around a tranquil void. Designed by Japanese studio Container Design, this home […]
    2015.11.19Jillian Japka
  • House To See The Sky
    Based in Mexico, Abraham Cota Paredes Arquitectos is an architecture firm that focuses on residential projects. Under the command of Abraham Cota Paredes himself, this young studio has put out many beautiful projects such as House To See The Sky in Guadalajara, Mexico. With its poetic name, the entrance greets viewers with a cantilevered structure […]
    2015.11.14Nhat Vo
  • Abercorn Place
    Abercorn Place is an refined home renovation in London. Designed by Paolo Cossu Architects in collaboration with MB Design Studio, this stunning residence is located in a classic Victorian townhouse. The renovation modernised the home while retaining the charm and elegance of its Victorian ancestor. The home is sprinkled with unexpected material combinations and finishes, such as Carrara marble […]
    2015.11.05Jillian Japka
  • Little House Big Terrace
    Takuro Yamamoto’s Little House Big Terrace epitomises minimalist living. The main driver through the design process was firmly on creating quality of space. The real emphasis being on creating quality external spaces that would also act as internal shelters, but allow for a illusion of a greater footprint. Situated in Tokyo, Japan and typical of […]
  • Project M
    Project M is a pavilion with an undefined function. Completed in 2014 by Toulouse based architecture studio PPA, the structure was designed to hold a variety of programs. The space can exist as a living area, yet can also host receptions, meetings, studios, or exhibitions. The pavilion is composed of three intersecting boxes with a central courtyard. […]
    2015.10.08Jillian Japka
  • CB Residence
    CB Residence (not mine, sadly) is a remarkably beautiful, pared down home designed by Belgian architect, Marc Merckx. The residence features a wonderful combination of materials, including a geometric grey brick façade with concrete, large black steel window frames, and gorgeous oak flooring throughout. The large windows allows for soft natural light to enter the […]
  • Djibouti SOS Village
    While minimalist designs can be applied to luxurious commodities, responsible designs are what draw my attention. Located in Tadjoura, Djibouti, SOS Children’s Village, designed by Urko Sánchez Architects, is a housing complex completed in 2014. Overlooking the whole entity of these houses, their formation and typology might remind one of Santorini, Greece, but in an earthier […]
    2015.10.03Nhat Vo
  • Minamisenzoku House
    Minamisenzoku House is an unassuming structure on a bustling neighbourhood street in Tokyo. Designed by Kobayashi 401, this dwelling projects a no-fuss composition that is not unfamiliar in modern Japanese architecture. It features many elements that have come to be residential standards in Japan’s large cities: a small ground-floor footprint, uncomplicated materials, and a largely opaque façade to maximise privacy. The structure […]
    2015.10.01Jillian Japka
  • Montauk House
    Along the dunes facing the Atlantic Ocean sits the subdued Montauk House, designed by the legendary John Pawson. Pawson has long been recognised for his superior minimal designs, and Montauk House is no exception. Completed in 2013, the structure sits low on the horizon following the topographic line of its sandy landscape. The façade of the home […]
    2015.09.24Jillian Japka
  • Casa en la Ladera de un Castillo
    This stunning residence in Ayora, Spain was designed by the distinguished Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Named for its unique location on a hill that also holds a castle at its peak, Casa en la Ladera de un Castillo is a home like no other. The white building, made of limestone, appears to be emerging from the rocky […]
    2015.09.17Jillian Japka