• Atelier Peter Fong
    More often than not, existing constraints are what make designs unique. However, when restrictions are greatly overwhelming, simplification is the counteractive method. Using the unchangeable structures of an old residential complex in Guangzhou, China, LUKSTUDIO of Shanghai gave life to a vacant storefront in the name of Atelier Peter Fong. This minimal mixed-use space — a […]
    2017.01.14Nhat Vo
  • Studio 8A
    Studio 8A by Rye London is a kitchen and photography studio located in a renovated warehouse in East London. Upon entering the studio, one is first struck by the seemingly unlimited source of natural light flowing into the space. Several oversized windows, facing both north and south, provide the kitchen with enough natural light that artificial lighting […]
    2017.01.12Jillian Japka
  • Casa Gallarda
    As the harsh landscape of Almería, Spain, dominates the region with its distinctive vegetation, it is no wonder that Casa Gallarda would literally shine on top of the hill. Architect José Francisco García-Sánchez not only made the best use of the unique topography, but also played with the observer’s perception of weight and proportion. The […]
    2017.01.10Mateus Andrade
  • JATA Logistics + Auxiliary
    This Logistics and Auxiliary Services centre was designed for JATA, a manufacturer of household appliances. Designed by José Miguel García Pérez, the new centre houses production lines, a laboratory, and administrative areas. The building was designed to reflect the philosophy of the forward-thinking appliance brand. The façade is decorated with a repetitive pattern of concrete panels […]
    2017.01.05Jillian Japka
  • Angle House
    Located a few minutes walk from the city’s Ohori Park, a community park that also is a cultural region containing art museums, theatres, and restaurants, architect Hiroyuki Arima completed this striking all-white residence in Fukuoka, Japan, named Angle. Starting in this context, the first floor can be used as a gallery space that can be opened […]
    2016.12.30Jorge San Luis
  • KG Design
    Madrid-based graphic designer and art director Sonia Castillo developed a sleek, geometric identity for interior design and architecture firm KG Design, based in Portland. The firm specialises in residential and commercial projects and the visual identity aims to reflect the basis of the studio’s work — beauty and functionality, simple modernity, geometry and linearity. The project included […]
  • Perla Brewery Apt
    Located in the city of Lublin, Poland, the historic Vetter Brewery took an ambitious path, thinking beyond the limits of their flagship product, beer. The brand managers decided to create aparthotels, to host their clients with utmost care, in carefully considered minimalist ambients. Projekt Praga were commissioned to partake in the creation of seven different variations […]
    2016.12.27Mateus Andrade
  • Apartment in Tel Aviv
    This beautiful 80m2 long strip apartment, located in the centre of the vibrant city of Tel Aviv is a holiday home for a family who likes to entertain guests. The interior designers Yael Perry, Dafna Gravinsky and architect Amir Navon transformed it into a minimalist airy space punctuated by delicate black and white grids and furnishings. […]
  • Wiggly House
    Wiggly House is a unique, geometric form located in Como, Italy, not far from Milan. Designed by Milan based studio, ifdesign, this modern structure is situated in an otherwise traditional Italian neighbourhood. Wiggly House features an ever-changing roof geometry that adds visual interest to the home’s façade, as well as the rooms below. The “wiggling” sequence of the […]
    2016.12.22Jillian Japka
  • Baomaru House
    A subtle change of pace in minimalism was put into motion by South Korea based Rieuldorang Atelier. Austerity takes a back seat to another kind of geometry, as a playful routine reigns over Baomaru House. The 188m2 estate spreads with a surprising variance in form and effect for the family, an attention grabbing exercise in […]
    2016.12.20Mateus Andrade
  • Casa La Palma
    The Sun has to be captured, manipulated, seduced: its light stored. Not scattered, but softened. The art of containing light transforms the architect into a translator, an alchemist of sorts. Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés is responsible for the outstanding design of Casa La Palma, a 1,200m2 house located in Mexico city, of which the […]
    2016.12.16Jorge San Luis
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum
    The Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum is a community museum in Suzhou, China designed by Vector Architects. Settled in an area of Suzhou rich with both geographical and cultural features, the museum features several gallery and gathering spaces, as well as a restaurant on the ground floor. Impressive concrete forms are stacked together, creating a series of building formations that speak […]
    2016.12.15Jillian Japka
  • Calacatta
    Let us start with an important question: What makes a minimalist interior design? Evidently, it is a question with a wide variety of answers, each one pulling towards a diverse portrait of simplicity. UK-based studio Extravagauza answers their bid with a graceful and candid project named Calacatta, an exotically named but aptly familiar direction for […]
    2016.12.13Mateus Andrade
  • Jil Sander Berlin Flagship
    The fashion brand Jil Sander has a new flagship store located in Berlin. Designed by Milan-based firm Andrea Tognon Architecture, the store highlights the brand’s high-end offerings in a lovely, minimal setting. The space is designed with clean lines and polished materials. Simple geometric shapes define various spaces in the store, while a palette of marble, […]
    2016.12.08Jillian Japka
  • FH1 House
    An interesting feature to take note on FH1 House by Russia-based architects KDVA is the absolute straightforwardness of its building, and how it could be applied to various locations. Unlike the bespoke trend to adjust to the local setting, this particular dwelling dares to propose a pre-fab allusion tailored for any kind of horizontal surface. […]
    2016.12.06Mateus Andrade
  • 058 Villa
    Look closely or you might miss this sly residence by Christ & Gantenbein. Mirror cladding wraps the façade at 058 Villa, allowing the home to stay hidden while in plain site. As with many dwellings in dense urban centres, 058 Villa was designed around the need for privacy. The mirror cladding reflects the house’s surroundings back to […]
    2016.12.01Jillian Japka
  • Kinfolk Gallery
    To create a comprehensive representation of a brand is a tricky ordeal, as it’s impossible to ignore the past accomplishments and identity that was laid out, but then it is important not to undermine the potential for evolution. As Kinfolk decided to reinvent their Copenhagen HQ, who better than Scandinavian design ambassadors Norm Architects. The […]
    2016.11.29Mateus Andrade
  • Lighthouse Residence
    Lighthouse Residence is an elegant family home located in South Korea. The home is designed by Leeslist, an architecture studio also based out of South Korea. The dwelling is located on its own plot, but the area is expected to grow and become crowded with houses in the near future. With this in mind, the architects […]
    2016.11.24Jillian Japka
  • House in Kaijin
    Located in Funabashi, on the Chiba prefecture at the east of Tokyo, stands an unabashed contemporary dwelling designed by Fuse Atelier. The celebrated practice was commissioned to creatively make the best of the 70m2 base for a three-storey high programme; for that reason House in Kaijin sports a dexterous and dynamic design throughout, with an […]
    2016.11.22Mateus Andrade
  • Fuxing Plaza
    We wanted to try to make the mall not to look like a mall. Instead we were hoping for a home to individual stores, restaurants and bars that are presented in a setting that supports their individuality rather than collective. Our aim is: Shopping S-Mall instead of Shopping Mall. This is how AIM Architecture explain […]
    2016.11.18Jorge San Luis
  • House in Alcobaça
    This stunning build is the result of a renovation project of an existing, traditional home in Alcobaça, Portugal. Designed by minimalist favourite Aires Mateus, this dwelling looks forward with a modern edition, while at the same time respecting the original home that came before. One of the main features of this dwelling is the white […]
    2016.11.17Jillian Japka
  • Villa Klánovice
    A strong duality comes into play for the surprisingly nimble Villa Klánovice. Prague based architecture firm ADR was commissioned to design an unassuming dwelling, and thus, the welcoming card is an orderly grey façade surrounded by unchained nature on all sides. Stepping in, a clever inversion happens, as a rich minimalist programme takes charge. Inside […]
    2016.11.01Mateus Andrade
  • A House By The Sea
    Located in Shavei Tzion, Israel, A House By The Sea is an admirable and grand 280m2 house designed by Pitsou Kedem Architects, who were inspired by its privileged emplacement. Light and horizon play together within the design of this home located on the mediterranean shore. The shining sun, a long wire thin line, and the blue of […]
    2016.10.28Jorge San Luis
  • S Apartment
    S Apartment is a gorgeous blend of materials, textures, and colours. The dwelling is designed by Right Angle Studio, located in Singapore. The open-concept floor plan features a living room, built-in kitchen, and bedrooms on the second level. The colour palette is simple but elegant: tans, greys, and wood tones are prevalent in both the […]
    2016.10.27Jillian Japka