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The Norwegian based firm Saunders Architecture has completed a series of cabin-like artists’ studios on the lovely island of Fogo in Canada. The studios house artists participating in the Fogo Island Arts Corporation’s residency program. Tower Studio is one these stunning residences. Looming atop a rocky beach, this three story structure can only be reached by hiking along the shore. The floors of the building rotate, giving the studio a playful and unique geometry. The shape of the structure allows for a distinct exterior entrance and large triangular skylight on the middle floor. The whitewashed interior is filled with natural sunlight and holds a small kitchen, living area, bedroom, and studio space. Isolated on the shore, Tower Studio is a lonely obelisk among the flat coastline. This isolation seems appropriate for an artist’s studio: one can fill the emptiness with ideas and creations. Clean lines, simple colors, and the picturesque location meld together to form a truly brillant structure. This wonderful studio is sure to inspire any artist lucky enough to reside here.

studio sc is a food photography studio in São Paulo, Brazil, designed by Brazilian architects Marcio Kogan and Susana Glogowski from studio mk7, incorporating and synthetizing design principles from both modernist Brazilian architecture and contemporary Japanese architecture. The simple and linear building has its space greatly defined by the suspended concrete catwalk, connecting the two wooden boxes that house the specific programs necessary for the food photography studio, such as a technical kitchen for shoots and other technical and office rooms. Its double-height space is open and neutral enough for different configurations and maximized flexibility, with a longitudinal working area along the far wall. The sliding doors along the main facade and also around the wooden boxes, too, allow for several different configurations, customizing the layout according to the user needs. The building has its longitudinal disposition mainly in order to accomodate a generous outdoor garden, which I think nicely frames and complements the built space! Photography by Nelson Kon.

Form Us With Love is a Swedish design studio based in Stockholm. They aim to challenge the conventional through design initiatives, following a very contemporary minimalist aesthetic but with a twist of whimsy. Their studio space, divided into three levels (office, studio and workshop) is inspired at once by gallery and by industrial spaces, and – here’s that twist – Lego. I find it a great canvas for their compelling, beautiful work. Photography by Jonas Lindström.