• Villa MQ
    Every now and then, an architect may hit the jackpot with a client that is not afraid to go beyond expectations. Villa MQ, located in Tremelo, is an extraordinary exercise in architecture and minimalism as the perfect remedy for a complex project. Office O got their carte blanche to push the boundaries of a five […]
    2016.01.19Mateus Andrade
  • Villa F
    Villa F is a holiday retreat sporting ultra-modern architecture. Hornung and Jacobi Architecture opted for a geometric and valiant project, keeping their eyes locked on sustainability and efficiency. Lately the charming, but impractical, concrete cantilevers are celebrated on numerous outstanding projects, and although other materials are often used and explored in buildings of all kinds, […]
    2015.09.01Mateus Andrade
  • Villa Kogelhof
    Unambiguous visual contrast with the surrounding landscape and a great concern for self-sufficiency are the main draws for Villa Kogelhof; the prize-winning piece from Paul de Ruiter Architects, a Netherlands based firm. A true case study on how to reconcile appropriate indulgence and sustainability, while achieving such feat relying solely on two minimalist volumes. In […]
    2015.06.23Mateus Andrade
  • Villa Mörtnäs
    London-based Fourfoursixsix’s Villa Mörtnäs combines considered Scandinavian style together with abounding contextual deliberation. Designed over three levels, the minimal formality of this villa clearly helps define a lineation of spaces within. Each floor plays its own, almost completely differing, function from the next. Entering at ground level is support space, which is submerged into the […]
  • Bondi Residence
    This design of this residence located on Bondi beach takes advantage of the views and climate while delivering a modern luxury in the architecture and its details. Completed in 2011 by Sydney-based Redgen Mathieson Architects, the philosophy of the team is exhibited in the use of the materials such as Calacatta marble, white terrazzo tiles, American […]
    2012.07.16Adele Lim
  • Le Marche Villa
    My friends, hold on to your hats because today I am taking you to a breathtaking villa in Le Marche, to what seems to be a hidden jewel in Italy. Converted into a vacation home with a guest house, Casa Olivi is located on a hill in Treia and is a result of a 4-year […]
    2012.02.22Anna Korkobcova
  • Villa in Ibiza
    Yes I am aware that it is the middle of December and many of you are probably covered in snow… but doesn’t a quick trip to Ibiza sound quite tempting? Designed by French architect Pascal Cheikh Djavadi, today’s home is calling our name with its minimal structure on the outside and a couple of surprising […]
    2011.12.14Anna Korkobcova
  • Casa Olivi
    Aproximately 300 years old, this Italian villa has undergone a 4-year long renovation by Swiss architects Markus Wespi & Jêróme De Meuron after a fire in 1995 almost destroyed it entirely. The house is located in Treia, in the region of Marche. Protected by the Italian Cultural and Historic Administration, the façade was maintained and restored, […]
  • O House
    The O House, located in Vierwaldstättersee, Switzerland, was designed by Philippe Stuebi Architekten with Eberhard Tröger. Overlooking Lake Lucerne, its bold visual concept might classify it among slightly different minimal approach in architecture. First, there is the proportion of façade’s large circular pattern, so strong in impact, one might not realize the actual beautiful simplicity […]
    2011.08.24Anna Korkobcova
  • Agbaria House
    This home in Tel Aviv, Agbaria House, is a pared down, minimalistic rendition of traditional Islamic architecture. Designed by Tel Aviv architect Ron Fleisher, it combines the rich, lush element of the mashrabiya screens with simple, elegant lines of modernist architecture. The house maintains certain typical building elements, like high vents for natural ventilation, high […]
  • Adega Mayor
    Portuguese architect and Pritzker laureate Álvaro Siza Vieira designed this winery at Campo Maior, Portugal, in 2007. The building is an imposing, yet understated figure sitting atop a gentle slope amid the wide open plain of the vineyard. Its 120m x 50m volume is composed of elementary geometrical shapes and similarly basic construction materials. This […]
  • Guerrero House
    This is one gorgeous house. Guerrero House, located at Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain, was designed by the famous Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza. The play on light, space and proportion is extraordinary. A small opening in an 8 meter high square wall is the only entrance. Center of the house is the 9 […]
  • Krater House
    A sunken area was situated on top of a hill on Antiparos, in the Cycladic islands, Greece. Deca Architecture conceptualized the challenge of filling in this crater with a primitive inspired dwelling that was both wind protected from the Aegean Sea and modestly out of view from the village below. The vast areas of the house lies underground, with straight lined […]
  • House W
    This is House W, located somewhere in China. Just two open boxes and a stair case connecting them. And don’t you just love that tiny little tree in the back? House W was designed by Hong Kong based Fuquan Junze, who’s a furniture, interior and industrial designer. Junze started his own firm, Oil Monkey, back in 2007. […]
  • House of Diffusion
    I love a pure white interior. While others may consider it cold or sterile, to me it holds a sense of perfection and serenity. In this respect, many may not care one bit for the House of Diffusion, designed by FORM/Kouichi Kimura Architects – but I loooove it! The house seems to be designed to […]
  • Dancing Living House
    This villa in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan is the brainchild of architect Junichi Sampei from A.L.X. architects (Architect Label Xain). It houses a family of 3, and a dance studio. When seen from the outside, you immediately notice those high white walls, without any windows. But still, inside you find an oasis of light and space, […]